Cooler Master builds a Sneaker-shaped PC case delivering raw computing power inside a shoe

Cooler Master has done the unthinkable this time. Going over and above its image of designing contemporary utility PC cases, the company for its 30th anniversary has created a very unusual case in the shape of a sneaker. Wait… what?

Called Sneaker X, this custom-designed case mod is developed after a design submitted by modder JMDF for the company’s Case Mod World Series in 2020. A perfect delight for the eyes, this PC case with all the LED lighting and computer innards will really appeal to all the sneakerheads out there irrespective of their Nike or Adidas bias.

Designer: Cooler Master

Breaking the bounds of a traditional PC form factor, the Sneaker X is a blistering entrant in the sneaker culture that every fan would want to flaunt. But sadly, this sneaker is not for the feet – instead, it’s for beefing up your blockchain, adventures in the metaverse, or maybe a safe journey in burning millions on a seemingly useless (crypto miners don’t get offended) NFT.

Cooler Master has shared little information about what the Sneaker X will be compatible with. Moreover, the images don’t do enough justice to explain the size of the case, which if we believe is in tune with the JMDF’s design, should be sizeable enough to accommodate all the fancy innards you have to throw at it. As Cooler Master gives out, the custom-designed case would be able to accommodate some of the high-end GPU and CPUs to maybe allow gamers, crypto-maniacs, or a sneakerhead in you to design the PC as you’d want. After all that geek adventure, you still have the immaculate shoe shining under the desk!

There are no details yet about how the Sneaker X will be priced, but it is going to go on pre-order in Q3 of 2022. For now, just stack it against the super sexy GeForce RTX 3080 powered sneakers by NZXT, and decide for yourself which one is cooler out of the two!