A Handyman’s Tool Belt is the inspiration for this storage-equipped chair design!

We spend a lot of our time either working on chairs or lazing out on them, so it helps when things are within reach wherever we find ourselves perked up or lounging. I know sometimes when I get in the zone with work, I’ll go to reach for my pen without taking my eyes from the screen only for my fingers to grab air since I couldn’t keep track of where I placed it last. No matter what you do – creative writing, graphic design, coding – if you find yourself sitting for several hours within a day, R2Space created the Tool Belt Chair in order to keep important items within reach at all times so you’ll never lose sight of your ongoing progress.

Inspired by the handyman’s tool belt, R2Space designed the Tool Belt Chair in order to give users an extra boost of storage for long workdays or to help declutter familiar work settings so looking for a lost pen won’t keep you from getting the job done. A semi-transparent, frosted plastic raceway tube frames the back and sides of the chair’s seat. This plastic tubing provides the user with extra space to keep stationary, smartphones, electrical cables, or even actual tools – you name it. The Tool Belt Chair’s design itself is simplistic and clean, offering a natural wood or white oak finish with a neutral-toned, grey cushioned seat so that the chair can be situated in most rooms. The chair only has a top rail, which opens up the entire backside of the Tool Belt Chair in order to give more access to the storage tube that traces the backside of the chair’s seat. Additionally, just behind the cushioned seat, an impression in the chair’s wooden structure provides more storage space for smaller items such as business cards, pens or pencils, and other small stationery items.

The tool belt is known for how much it can carry and how handy it ultimately is for the handyman. While we’re not all capable of fixing broken toilets or dodgy sink pipes, we can all pretend we have the tools for it. Fake it ‘til you make it, right? This sweet, nifty chair design is sure to make the worker bee in all of us feel inspired to keep on working until the job gets finished.

Designer: R2Space