This micro-mobility charging station features universal power adapters to minimize the hardware used in going electric!

Duckt is a micro-mobility charging station that features a universal power adapter so every type of micro-mobility vehicle – from bikes to scooters can charge with ease!

By now, we’re all familiar with micro-mobility vehicles, like e-bikes and e-scooters. They fill our city sidewalks and their charging stations are found on avenues every couple of blocks. While micro-mobility concepts are typically designed for convenience first and foremost, all of the different micro-mobility vehicles take different charges which complicate the entire transportation process.

Offering a solution, Duckt is a modern micro-mobility concept that weaves a universal charger into its design to streamline charging periods and bridge all of the different micro-mobility vehicles already out there.

Inspired by the numerous configurations that can be created from perfect geometry, the team of designers, Evren Yazıcı, Alimşan Kablan, Emre Özsöz, and Pelin Özbalcı, positioned Duckt on power bases that form basic shapes. Chosen for their familiarity and clean design, the basic shape of the power station allows room for more than one type of vehicle to park.

The universal aspect of the charging station comes through Duckt’s adapter that can attach to any micro-mobility vehicle to then connect to the power station for charging. Conceptualized in three different layouts, each power station comes with ports for micro-mobility vehicles to slide into.

The first layout is Duckt’s simplest form, featuring a single dock for charging and a locking mechanism to ensure the vehicle receives all of the intended charges. The next layout, called B2, features a dual docking station for two vehicles in addition to the locking mechanism that’s built into every port.

The master connector, P1 “is a bridge that enables these stations to open up to the internet.” The tall, rectangular power port comes with a QR code that users can scan to access the internet while charging their e-bike or e-scooter. Recognized by A’Design Awards and Red Dot, Duckt is a modern solution for a modern inconvenience.

Designers: Evren Yazıcı, Alimşan Kablan, Emre Özsöz, and Pelin Özbalcı

Duckt’s P1 station comes with embedded QR codes that access the internet. 

When put together, Duckt accommodates every type of micro-mobility vehicle.

Each dock comes with a secure locking mechanism to ensure constant charging.

The “master connector,” P1 brings every component together.

The basic geometry of Duckt’s configuration allows room for more than one type of vehicle to park.

Integrated lighting makes Duckt visible even at night.