This Polestar electric bike is a perfect amalgam of looks, power and ergonomic comfort

Polestar is going great guns with exponential profits in the last year or so with SUVs and performance cars being liked by the masses. The Swedish automotive brand has also forayed into the two-wheeler market with a hand-built mountain bike, so it makes complete sense to envision a performance electric bike for the premium EV maker.

The Polestar CP1 Concept is a culmination of the future polestar motorbike with a performance akin to current-day gas-powered bikes. The brainchild of Lukasw Wenzhöfer takes shape as a likable realistic version of Polestar sports bike you’d see unless some other designer envisions better.

Designer: Lukasw Wenzhöfer

Just like the four-wheeled counterparts, this Polestar EV bike has a very geometric, edgy design. The high riding position reinforces the ride’s performance status backed with the high-grade suspension system. The focus of this design is on ergonomics and functionality. So, those good looks are not merely for the eye candy factor, but rather for a defined shape that makes complete practical sense.

That futuristic array of headlights contrasting with the minimal yet sci-fi taillights gives us an idea of the head being put into the overall vision for the bike. The wide body stance when viewed from the front and the naked rear arouses a sense of distinct appeal only reserved for performance bikes. If electric bikes can look as good as this, there’ll be many takers for a Polestar two-wheeler without a doubt.

Combined with the futuristic hues of black, silver and grey, the Polestar CP1 Concept is destined to be a winning combination of cool looks, punchy performance and ergonomic aesthetics that help make any EV the cut through past the blueprint stage, then to the prototype stage, and finally on to the production stage. Would all of us bike fanatics want this Polestar bike to be a reality someday? The answer would be a resounding yes!