Furniture meets cat lovers for designs that help you create the perfect pet-friendly living space!

I wholeheartedly believe that this is a cat’s world, and we’re just living in it! If you have a cat or two, then you know that they are the true masters of our home, and we are their abiding slaves, tending to their every need, always at their beck and call. They’re the apple of our eyes, and we would do almost anything to keep them happy and comfy, including showering them with cat-friendly furniture designs that they can lounge and relax about on. I’m always trying to create a comfortable and interactive living space for my own cats – from a cat tower that doubles up as a vanity mirror to a cat-centered table featuring a cavity and hidden shelf for your petto perch on, I’m ready to invest them in all. And this collection of cat products promise to be the investments that do exactly that! They will cater purrfectly to your cat’s every need! Happy kitties guaranteed!

What could I do to make my bedroom my cat’s favorite place? The Gatrimonial bed frame, made by a company called CatLife, made this dream a reality. They make furniture that doubles as an adventurous cat’s dream. At first glance, the bed frame looks like a hollow base with circular entrances in each corner. It has plenty of space for your cat to stretch its limbs underneath your bed. When you lift the mattress, it reveals an elaborate maze to keep your feline entertained. The frame also has two sections with a splattering of tiny paw-sized holes that could either be peep-holes or a little trap for unsuspecting paw swipes. Your ankles will not appreciate it, but your cat will love the hunt.

Sio is a cat tower carved from natural wood with integrated perch swings and cushioned hideouts for cats to climb and rest until they’re ready for a catnap. The Sio cat tree keeps the same shape as a twin step ladder, providing a semi-enclosed bottom resting area and carpeted steps with connecting slings where cats can relax and keep a close eye on their humans. Constructed from natural wood, the Sio cat tree is discreet enough to fit into most modern living rooms and blend in with the rest of the furniture.

This table designed by Dinos for cat owners is handcrafted by local craftspeople from natural red oak wood to age well over time and remain a place where your cat can perch. The table’s rounded corners are also specially sanded down to ensure safe climbing and jumping for your cat. When you’d like your cats to join you while you work, the table features a center cavity through which they can poke their heads and see what you’re up to. In the center of the table, the craftspeople at Dinos carved a 16cm hole just above a circular shelf where your cat can rest. When your cat isn’t resting on the shelf, it can be used to store items like magazines or even cat toys.

Created from premium quality maple wood, and textured sisal fabric, the collection was inspired by architectural columns, wooden dowels, soft edges, and simple geometric shapes. And it really shows through in the furniture pieces! The collection consists of five interesting pieces. You have a beautiful light maple wood chair, that functions as a pet-human chair! This basically means your cat and you can lounge about on the same chair, spending quality time without invading each other’s privacy. The lower section functions as a safe space for your cat to rest in! The collection also includes a litter box with an arched roof. The upper section consists of columns that provide your cat privacy as he/she carries out their business, and also allows the litter box to integrate with your living space, without actually looking like one! Rise also consists of two cat beds. One is pretty compact and small in size and occupies minimum space. The other one is larger in size and is designed to fit into any corner of your home. It also includes a scratching post. The final design in the collection is a cat climber that also doubles up as a scratching post! The climber keeps your pet engaged, active, and productive!

Developed specifically for small to medium-sized apartments, Co-Living is a full-body mirror and cat tower combined to become a shared, interactive piece of interior furniture for cats and humans alike. When looking at Co-Living head-on, it appears as just another full-body mirror, but a closer look reveals its multi-functionality. With an arched top and bottom, the mirror stands on one wooden peg in front of Co-Living’s rear cat tower. Constructed vertically, Co-Living is designed to encourage cats’ natural climbing tendencies by incorporating multiple carpeted tiers from which they can hop on and off until reaching the top.

The Desco Aluminum Cat Feeder by MiaCara is the perfect cutlery to spruce up your cat’s meals! The set consists of two bowls that are placed on a stand. The stand is made from powder-coated aluminum, and features a crip matte finish! The two bowls, on the other hand, are crafted from stainless steel, hence creating a shiny and attractive contrast to the matte stand. The feeder is a minimal and Nordic-inspired pet product that will perfectly integrate into your home. You can bid adieu to the eyesore-ish feeders that tend to clutter up your living space!

The Petpresso Smart Cat Care Device keeps your kitties as healthy and happy as possible! The system provides food and water to your cats, while also actively monitoring their drinking and eating habits. It keeps tabs on your pet to ensure, they are eating and drinking well since irregular eating and drinking patterns can be the first indicators of any health issues. Weighting sensors also monitor and determine when your cat eats and drinks. A companion app helps you manage how much food is being dispensed and helps you set feeding times as well. This cat care device is the ultimate caretaker for your pet!

Featuring concealed storage areas and tucked-away hideouts, Neko Goten was designed on the basis of understanding the behavior of cats with acute attention to what makes them really purr. On the left side, Neko Goten’s staircase brings cats to alternating jumping perches where cats can leapfrog before heading up to the tower’s plastic hemisphere that hovers above the entire play area. Below the staircase, a hideout offers a covert place for cats to rest without bother. Then, the center section of Neko Goten features a hive-like resting area that’s stationed atop a hollowed-out carpeted ring reminiscent of a hamster wheel, where cats can either rest, scratch, or knead until a cat nap’s in order.

PaiPai Pets’ double basin cat kennel is a cat tower and console storage cabinet in one. Looking at the kennel head-on, two wide doors border a narrower middle door, which opens up to the kennel’s storage unit and jungle-gym interior. On the left and right sides of the kennel, there’s enough space to fit two large litter boxes, which are always accessible through the middle door’s open porthole. Behind the kennel’s center cabinet, storage shelves can be found where cat owners can stow away smaller items like cans of wet cat food and litter scoopers. Painted in bright white, with natural wood accents along the perimeter, the kennel can remain discreet even in busier home spaces like the living room or den. Along the sides of the kennel, smaller portholes allow for plenty of airflows as well as a fun way for you to play whack-a-mole with your cat.

The Wool Felt Castle Bed is what cat dreams are made of! Created from wool felt, fleece, and plenty of cushions, the cat bed is as comfortable as a bed can get. Large enough for pets of all sizes, the little bed provides the perfect private little spot for your kitty, since they always crave their fair share of personal space and isolation.