The Airhead Mask is one of the most comfortable airtight face masks you can buy… and it’s on discount

After an incredibly successful run on Kickstarter, the Airhead Mask is now readily available in the UK as well as across the world.

It’s honestly been a rather interesting journey for face masks in the past 2 years, with their popularity completely spiking because of the global pandemic… and although there are still parts of the world where wearing face masks in public is an absolute necessity, it seems like humanity has reckoned with the fact that masks will probably play some continued role in our near and distant future – if not to help flatten the curve on pandemics and diseases, then to help combat deteriorating air quality in the form of pollution, dust, smog, wildfires, chemical leaks, or just allergens in the air. The Airhead Mask was designed to play a pivotal role in that future. It comes with a slim, lightweight design that looks just as compact as a regular face mask, but under its hood lies a nanofiber filter that provides clean, 99% pure air directly to your nose and mouth.

Click Here to Buy Now: $106.75 $125 (15% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKOSALE“). Hurry, only 5 left!

The mask’s overall design is focused towards the people who’d like to be able to breathe clean air even with an active lifestyle. Designed by a group of passionate cyclists who wanted to stay healthy, Airhead was made to be a lightweight, ergonomic mask that provided clean, purified air directly to your nose and mouth while you worked out or just went about your day.

The mask features multiple layers of filters that give you clean, pure, microparticle, and microorganism-free air that filters in from the front, and exits the mask from the two valves at the back, ensuring warm air is quickly removed from your face. The Airhead Mask’s TPE seal creates an airtight seal around your nose and mouth, preventing polluted air from leaking in through the sides and warm air from fogging up your glasses.

The Airhead Mask uses a nanofiber filter that can trap particles as small as PM0.3 which is significantly smaller than typical dust, soot, smoke, and respiratory droplets from sneezing. This obviously also includes larger PM2.5 and PM10 molecules, commonly present in urban pollution, making the Airhead Mask perfect for wearing in cities and urban dwellings. The filters are even equipped with an activated carbon lining that helps filter out nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SOx), ozone, and VOCs (odor compounds).

The Airhead Mask sits snugly against your face thanks to two adjustable straps that wrap around your head (so they aren’t tugging at your ears). Each mask also features a removable hood that lets you access the filters underneath for easy replacement. You can even pop the hood off while wearing the mask for a quick breather or to grab a bite or take a sip of water… and Airhead even ships hoods, also known as AirSkins, in different colors that allow you to customize your mask to suit your outfit for the day! The Airhead Mask is available at a discounted price exclusively to YD readers. It ships in the UK for free, and you even get free international shipping on orders above $150.

Click Here to Buy Now: $106.75 $125 (15% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKOSALE“). Hurry, only 5 left!