This cat-centered table design features a cavity and hidden shelf for your pets to perch while you WFH!

Japanese furniture company Dinos designed a table with a center cavity and hidden perching shelf so your cat can poke its head through and spend the workday with you without climbing all over your keyboard.

If there’s one thing cats don’t do, it’s minding their business. Always lurking around the corner to find out which room we’re walking into or hopping onto the table while we’re eating dinner, cats are curious over just about everything–getting them off our tails can sometimes feel like a game of whack-a-mole. Dinos, a Japanese furniture company, took to the game of whack-a-mole and designed a table with a center opening for our cats to poke their heads through and sate their curiosity without dusting their fur all over our meals.

The table designed by Dinos for cat owners is handcrafted by local craftspeople from natural red oak wood to age well over time and remain a place where your cat can perch. The table’s rounded corners are also specially sanded down to ensure safe climbing and jumping for your cat. When you’d like your cats to join you while you work, the table features a center cavity through which they can poke their heads and see what you’re up to. In the center of the table, the craftspeople at Dinos carved a 16cm hole just above a circular shelf where your cat can rest. When your cat isn’t resting on the shelf, it can be used to store items like magazines or even cat toys. The table also comes with a matching lid for the center hole so when you’d like to enjoy your meal away from your cat, you can close the hole and revert the table back to one with a solid surface.

Additionally, Dinos sells accompanying table benches, chairs, and cushions separately for those who would like to have a complete dining set. In addition to all of the benches and chairs, Dinos sells a cat tree that will be sure to entertain your cat while you work or eat at the table.

Designer: Dinos

The cat table from Dinos features a center cavity where your cat can poke its head and watch while you eat or work. 

The center cavity can be closed when you need some time away from your cat to eat or get work done. 

Coming in an array of different wood stains, the cat table from Dinos can fit into most dining rooms or living spaces. 

Each table is handcrafted by craftspeople in Japan to ensure safe climbing for your cats. 

Available even in darker wood stains, Dinos combines feline playfulness with an elegant look.