An outdoor glamping trailer + more products designed to be the ultimate travel essentials for your post-COVID travel bucket list!

I love traveling! And although I may not be able to do much of it during this pandemic, that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about it or planning my next vacation in my head. My travel bucket list is brimming to the top with exotic holiday destinations. And, as any experienced traveler (not that I am one…YET) will tell you, having a set of handy and trusty travel accessories is essential! These are the nifty little gadgets and products that can help you out in the most impromptu and sudden of situations, and you’ll never regret having packed them in your suitcase. So, we’ve curated a bunch of travel accessories that we think you will absolutely need in your travel kit when you’re jet-setting across the globe next! From a travel tea flask that comes with a built-in infuser to a modular gadget that can transform into every travel essential you need – these designs are sure to make your next vacation much more comfortable and easier.


Named the Pottery Barn Special Edition Trailer, this design showcases “casual sophistication” and is meant for adventure addicts who fancy the style and luxury of living life king-size. According to Marta Benson, President of Pottery Barn, “We were as excited as our customers to see how we could apply Pottery Barn’s design expertise to Airstream’s live anywhere mentality, and we couldn’t be more excited about the results.” The trailer is built for couples and solo travelers as it features queen or twin bed sleeping configurations. In addition to that, the airy interior space can accommodate up to 4 guests in the rest of the cabin. The interiors of the travel trailer are draped in Pottery Barn’s matte-black pull-down faucet, a stainless-steel flat apron sink, and solid walnut cutting board sink cover.

Chá is a travel tea bottle that can switch between a tea infuser and a regular thermal water bottle. Topped with a transparent lid, Chá allows each user to witness the seeping process while brewing tea to ensure their desired tea strength is achieved. With a handy rubber strap, users can even brew their tea with the bottle strapped to their backpack. The brewing process of Chá is just like filling a water bottle, but the lid of Chá features a compartment where users can place tea bags near a built-in infuser and transparent section that reveals the strength of each brew. The built-in infuser opens with a turn of the bottle’s lid, then the user can turn Chá upside down and watch as their water darkens with tea. If users want to only drink water, then the infuser can be just as easily closed and Chá can be filled with fresh water to be used as a regular water bottle.

Designed for the great outdoors, this rugged, waterproof, wireless SSD comes with up to 8TB of storage, has an internal fan to keep the drive and circuitry cool when you’re not in the cushy environment of an air-conditioned office, and lets you wirelessly preview and share files between your devices. LAMBOGO comes with a card slot and a single button interface for quickly dumping data from your DSLR and Drone, and lets you easily preview your files on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop and edit them on third-party apps… without connecting wires. If you’re a shutterbug who travels to the wilderness, or someone who needs to quickly backup their heavy RAW footage without any wires, cables, or cloud subscriptions, the LAMBOGO couldn’t be more of a perfect fit in your tech arsenal.

Designed by industrial design team KIWI DESIGN, the portable washer employs a quick sanitization technology to do the dirty job of cleaning your messy underwear, vest, and socks in a jiffy. Anything that fits the small dryer and washer is good to go –handkerchiefs, masks, or gloves being one. The bottom section of the portable machine made from super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy expands to the shape of an inverted lampshade to support the drying bag. Since sanitation is an integral part of our current lifestyle, the portable dryer gets rid of any bacterial or fungal build-up in the undergarments thanks to the high-temperature sanitization. This in fact doubles as a dryer for the clothing in the consequent step. In just 15-30 minutes the gadget readies you for a fresh start to the day.

The Umai Facemask comes as a set, including the silicone face mask as well as a water bottle with a soft, bendable straw that fits into the mask’s mouthpiece slot. Users can fill their bottles with their preferred beverages and say goodbye to airplane dry mouths. The removable straw can even be swapped from Umai’s water bottle and used to drink from another one. Umai Facemask’s breathing valve and air filter also make wearing a face mask feel a little more comfortable. Powered up with a type-c charge, the air filter ensures that the air you’re breathing in is clean and fresh, while the breathing valve circulates the air inside the mask to avoid the damp humidity that comes with conventional face masks.

Maziti is a modern, minimal and sleek luggage that will put those LV trunks to shame with its aesthetic. The large suitcase has a unique feature, its bold-colored removable compartment for items you would like to access and find easily. Maziti is a useful addition to your traveling essentials and solves the big inconvenience of having to open up a whole tightly packed suitcase to find individual items like a passport, sunglasses, or headphones buried deep in a pile of clothes that we all know will not go back the same way once it is open. It also features a sleek branded strap to keep it together and features a lockable compartment to keep the contents secure.

Unlike most travel towels which come made from plastic microfibers, the Bamboo Adventure Towel 2.0 has absolutely no plastic used in its construction. As its name suggests, it comes crafted from 100% bamboo fibers, dyed with natural dyes, and woven into a waffle pattern for effective absorption and exfoliation. Designed for the outdoors, the towels are up to thrice as absorbent as your average microfiber towel and are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. In fact, the towels even come with reinforced slits on the corners, so you can suspend them and use them as makeshift sun-shades, or even wear them as cloaks or ponchos. Available in as many as 5 natural colors, the Bamboo Adventure Towel 2.0 comes in 3 sizes, a standard, pocket, and an XL (which transforms into a poncho too) and arrives packaged in a carrying case either made from cork or from a breathable cotton mesh.

The Esino is the ultimate travel gadget-kit that allows you to snap multiple modules to a central battery pack, turning it into an iron, an electric shaver, an electric toothbrush, a fabric shaver (for removing lint and pilling), or even a UV disinfection light. The modular set is perfect for travel (although it can be used at home too) and creates a compact universe of useful products that are easy to carry around with wherever you may be. The idea behind the Esino Go is a pretty interesting one. All your gadgets require batteries, so why not make the battery a hub around which you could build an ecosystem of products? The Esino Go comes with what’s essentially a 5,000 mAh battery pack enclosed within an ergonomic handle-shaped form. The handle then lets you snap on the accessories/modules, which draw power from the battery.

Called SATURNBIRD, the travel bottle comes in two variations – 300 and 450ml respectively. You can pick a size depending upon your needs! And here’s the interesting bit, the bottle pairs up perfectly with the SATURNBIRD COFFEE pods! Liu also designed a bunch of coffee pods. There are six options with diverse strengths and flavors! Ranging from light to medium to dark, the coffee pods are extremely easy to carry and work perfectly with the travel bottle! You simply slip off the cap of the bottle, which is snuggly fitted into the mouth of the bottle. Add in the coffee concentrate of your choice, and you have your daily dose of caffeine ready to go! Of course, Liu’s bottle can be used to carry water and other beverages of your choice as well.

Designed to be virtually the Swiss Army Knife of travel mugs, the hodi has a unique two-part design that splits into two separate glasses – one for hot drinks, another for cold drinks. It even comes with an air-tight lid that doubles up as a container for snacks and has a mesh filter for brewing drinks in. The hodi works with coffee, tea, juices, milkshakes, beer, wine, soft drinks, and potentially even protein drinks, and above all, it’s just as portable as most normal travel mugs. It all starts with hodi’s unique design that’s reminiscent of the iconic Guinness beer glass. With its curvy, tapered design, hodi ensures that its functional experience translates brilliantly into an aesthetic one too. Carry hodi around and it doesn’t look like an overly engineered thermos, it looks like one of the most iconic beverage glasses ever.