This colorful travel bottle + matching Nespresso pod-inspired coffee bombs deliver the perfect coffee on-the-go!

When I travel, I usually like to carry almost everything I’ll need! I hate scurrying about in a new city, trying to find a box of my favorite toothpaste, and then settling for one that just tastes weird in my mouth. If you’re anything like me, then you’re one of those ‘super organized travelers’. And I don’t care what anyone says, because I love being one! And you should do you as well! A handy bottle is something I carry along with me, no matter what. You never know when you might want to hydrate yourself. But water bottles can be usually pretty bulky, and their travel editions are not so pleasing to the eyes. Hence, Jiia Liu’s colorful little travel bottle is a blessing in disguise!

Called SATURNBIRD, the travel bottle comes in two variations – 300 and 450ml respectively. You can pick a size depending upon your needs! And here’s the interesting bit, the bottle pairs up perfectly with the SATURNBIRD COFFEE pods! Liu also designed a bunch of coffee pods. There are six options with diverse strengths and flavors! Ranging from light to medium to dark, the coffee pods are extremely easy to carry and work perfectly with the travel bottle! You simply slip off the cap of the bottle, which is snuggly fitted into the mouth of the bottle. Add in the coffee concentrate of your choice, and you have your daily dose of caffeine ready to go! Of course, Liu’s bottle can be used to carry water and other beverages of your choice as well.

Its sleek and ergonomic form ensures that it can easily fit into your backpacks, bicycle, or even your hands! Not to mention, Liu also designed a special carrier bag for SATURNBIRD. It’s a nifty sling pouch that you can carry in your hands! Besides being a super functional water bottle + on-the-go coffee mug, SATURNBIRD is also quite aesthetically and visually pleasing! I love the sunny yellow and clean white color options that Liu provides. It’s the kind of travel bottle you would love to carry with you, anywhere anytime!

Designer: Jiia Liu