This DIY Bluetooth Radio comes with every part you’ll need to build your very own speaker–from the bass up!

The R3 DIY Bluetooth Radio from Celia & Perah audio engineering company allows users to build their own speakers and learn about the magic behind its superb sound quality.

Choosing the right Bluetooth speaker often boils down to the technical details. Once we find a couple of speakers we like, technical details like sound quality, acoustics, and pressure become the ultimate deciding factors. However, knowing which technical details to look out for takes a lot of research. As much as we enjoy listening to music, understanding the technology behind it sometimes gets lost. That’s why Celia & Perah, a quality audio engineering company, launched R3, a Bluetooth speaker that users can build themselves to learn more about the ins and outs of audio engineering.

For Celia & Perah, weaving in the DIY aspect of R3 provided the speaker with a bit more meaning. When someone buys an R3 Bluetooth Speaker, they’re also buying the experience of building their own music-making device and learning more about “the acoustic magic behind the [speaker’s] superb sound quality,” as Celia & Perah put it. R3 is a DIY Bluetooth speaker that can be built within an hour and customized to fit your taste. Users can even spraypaint it a certain color to match the tone of any given room.

Equipped with a 3.5mm Aux jack and USB drive, the R3 DIY Bluetooth Speaker allows users to play music via Bluetooth, the radio, or an aux connection. Offering surround sound that rivals that of a concert, Celia & Perah took two years to fine-tune R3’s sound quality to cut out any potential feedback or distortion. Utilizing the energy-efficient 30W Class-D Amplifier for optimal audio quality, its lower power dissipation produces less heat and saves up space on the circuit board.

When users buy the R3 Speaker, they’ll receive a pack of wooden boards, two two-inch 48mm 8W full-range drivers, a 16W RMS amplifier, an FM/volume knob, a function knob, a PCBA, and accessory essentials like connecting cables and wool felt covering. Along with the packaged items, users will receive assembly instructions that bring them through the entire building process. Each speaker comes with a speaker range of 68~20,000 Hz and 8 hours of battery life to ensure quality sound day-in, day-out. The 4.0 EDR+ Bluetooth has a transmit range of ten meters, so you can bring R3 to the beach or to a party and not worry about stopping the music or the party.

Designer: Celia & Perah

In the age of DIY, the R3 Bluetooth Radio is right at home. 

The wooden panels of the R3 DIY Bluetooth Radio can be spraypainted to meet the taste of any room.

The R3 DIY Bluetooth Radio can be customized in black for a more refined look. 

Users build every part of their R3 DIY Bluetooth Radio, from the bass up.