This modular gadget can transform into every travel essential you need, from an iron to an electric toothbrush

Think about how a handful of AA batteries can power everything from an electric toothbrush to your television’s remote control to even the mouse you’re probably using to scroll through this webpage. Those AA batteries are a truly universal source of energy, but what if they were designed to house an ecosystem? What if the battery-unit played a central role in a modular ecosystem of products? That’s sort of what the Esino Go is. It isn’t a handful of AA batteries, but is something far more powerful and versatile.

The Esino is your ultimate travel gadget-kit that allows you to snap multiple modules to a central battery-pack, turning it into an iron, an electric shaver, an electric toothbrush, a fabric shaver (for removing lint and pilling), or even a UV disinfection light. The modular set is perfect for travel (although it can be used at home too) and creates a compact universe of useful products that are easy to carry around with wherever you may be.

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Fabric Shaver

Power Bank

The idea behind the Esino Go is a pretty interesting one. All your gadgets require batteries, so why not make the battery a hub around which you could build an ecosystem of products? The Esino Go comes with what’s essentially a 5,000 mAh battery pack enclosed within an ergonomic handle-shaped form. The handle then lets you snap on the accessories/modules, which draw power from the battery.

The travel iron module is perhaps the most interesting one, with a teardrop-shaped ceramic heat plate that’s perfectly sized to chuck into your suitcase along with your belongings.

The iron comes with 3 heat-settings (operated from the button on the battery pack) and even has its own water spray for steam ironing! The ceramic plate heats up fast and cools down just as rapidly, making it ideal considering it goes inside your travel case once you’re done! For more fussy fabrics that end up getting lint/pilling/fuzz on them, Esino Go’s fabric shaver comes to the rescue. Perfect for winter-wear (which often doesn’t really need ironing), the fabric shaver smoothens your clothes by removing lint, pills, and stray fibers sticking out.

The beauty of Esino Go’s collection of products is that it opens itself to expansion. The company behind it is developing even more modules and attachments, with an electric shaver, a UV disinfecting wand, and an electric toothbrush in the works. The battery-pack (which serves as a handle) unites all these modules and any other attachments that may come in the future… and the most convenient bit is that it even doubles up as a portable power-bank, providing a USB port for charging your phone and other gadgets. The fact that the Esino Go is centered around a removable battery makes it convenient and safe to travel with too. Just detach the battery and carry it in your cabin luggage while the travel iron and other modules go right into your check-in bags. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

Designer: Esino Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $64.99 $89.99 (28% off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN5OFF”). Hurry, sale ends June 27th.

Click Here to Buy Now: $64.99 $89.99 (28% off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN5OFF”). Hurry, sale ends June 27th.