This modern suitcase comes with a detachable compartment for easy access while travelling!

You know how people browse apartments when they are bored? Well, after being stuck in the apartment for over a year I have actually started passionately looking for innovative suitcase designs instead. While traveling isn’t fully open to everyone yet, I can dream while thinking about how I will overpack in the Maziti suitcase!

Maziti is a modern, minimal and sleek luggage that will put those LV trunks to shame with its aesthetic. The large suitcase has a unique feature, its bold-colored removable compartment for items you would like to access and find easily. Maziti is a useful addition to your traveling essentials and solves the big inconvenience of having to open up a whole tightly packed suitcase to find individual items like a passport, sunglasses, or headphones buried deep in a pile of clothes that we all know will not go back the same way once it is open. It also features a sleek branded strap to keep it together and features a lockable compartment to keep the contents secure.

The bright pop of color of the detachable compartment gives the suitcase its own distinct and playful personality. Maziti’s design is equal parts cool and functional making it the perfect luggage to tag along on your next adventure!

Designer: Zang Yongwei and Lichen Gyong