This 3D folded paper art adds the perfect balance of minimalism and colour to your walls!

Gone are the days when the walls would be littered with cheap printouts of photos taken by some unknown photographer. In the new world where we realize that everything we put up is an expression of ourselves, this edgy and minimal paper art is what we need to perfectly match our minimalism-inspired decor! Istanbul based designer Tayfun Tinmaz has been setting Instagram and Etsy ablaze with his nature-inspired series under the name @paperpan! Just as his username describes, his collection brings whimsical fun to the third dimension by capturing everything from animals to insects on paper, by paper.

Inspired by the animated movie Rio, a beautiful portrait of the macaw bird.

The ferocious portrait of a tiger!

A minimalistic Palm Cockatoo.

Find the smart chameleon that is hiding in plain sight on this black canvas.

A simple and sweet Cockatoo that is minimal and colourful at the same time.

Frog Friend scaling up the wall.

Say hello to the muted tones of this parakeet.

Add some Christmas cheer with this red and gold deer!

Look, we spotted a unicorn!

This edgy and vibrant Toucan is a thing of beauty.

Another version of that elegantly seated macaw.

Neon Star blinking on the wall.