Apple, Nasa, Buzzfeed & more use this office pod that has been soundproofed with 1000 recycled bottles!

For most of us, it has been one whole year of working from home – congratulations! We have all adapted to the ‘unprecedented’ times in our own innovative ways as we share our homes with other people, pets, and do our best to work from home and not live from home which can be hard sometimes without a physical boundary to separate them. It left all of us wishing for our own office pod or productivity bubble where we can just zone in, something exactly like this Focus Room!

ROOM  is a company creating personal prefabricated home offices for our flexible lifestyle as more people choose to work remotely even as things open up. Each office pod is thoughtfully designed to give you privacy, encourage productivity, and create the psychological boundary between work and home so you can maintain a healthy balance. One of the coolest parts about these office rooms is that each booth’s soundproofing layers are made from 1000 recycled plastic bottles! “From design to delivery, we strive to lessen our impact on the environment. Our products are engineered with recycled materials and replace multiple cycles of construction, minimizing noise and our footprint,” says the team.

The comfortable setups ensure you have a place to zone-in and work without distractions with features that shield and block out noise disturbances. Your private office comes equipped with a desk, accessory rail, and built-in power too. You’ll also receive USB ports at your fingertips to keep your devices charged and the most impressive and efficient feature is the wireless charging integrated into the smart desk. These personal office rooms are shipped in four flat boxes and are sold directly to the user to cut out all the extra costs. ROOM’s rooms are a popular choice with Apple, NASA, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Hulu, Uber and more!

Designer: Room

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