Low-Tech Timepiece

The beautiful and simplistic OWO watch features a minimal face with white hands against a pure white background. Hard to see the time right? Wrong! Simply shake the watch and iron particles will stick to the magnetic hands making the hour and minutes visible. The thoughtful design encourages interaction and lets the user control their awareness of the hour rather than feel rushed and distracted by ticking hands.

Designer: Tim Defleur


  • Dan says:

    Very cool! Where can I get one?

  • Adam Malone says:

    interesting choice of materials!

  • Tim Defleur says:

    Thank you. The OWO watch is still a project and it’s not produced yet. I’m looking for a editors which could be interested in. So maybe one day …

  • Dan says:

    Great. Thanks Tim!

  • friend says:

    I think the idea of engaging the user is nice, but the method is not finalized. If you did some testing on this concept, you’d find that the iron filings would never let go of the hands. Here’s an idea that you can have for free: redesign it with the magnetic hands behind the white watch face and then let the iron filings alone display the time.

  • Aqua says:

    Beautiful watch. Really nice work Tim.

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