Dog-friendly Products to help your pet feel comfortable, loved + his best self at home!

Though I am a cat person through and through, I cannot help but go gaga over doggos from time to time. They are just so adorable, and not to mention insanely loving (a quality most cat owners aren’t used to witnessing in their pets). And as much as I love pampering my kittie cats with presents from time to time, I’m sure all dog owners feel the same. Ensuring your pet feels safe, secure, and comfortable at home is every pet owner’s priority. We want to make sure they always feel loved and truly at home! It’s important to create an environment where they feel completely safe to let their guard down, while also managing to stay active and playful. And, we’ve curated a collection of dog-friendly product designs that promise to do exactly that! These pet products will help turn your home into the ultimate safe haven for your dogs, allowing you to connect and bond with them better while ensuring they’re always comfortable. From a dog house that doubles up as a modular sofa, letting your pet and you share a common space, to a slow feeder dog bowl that’s been inspired by the Swiss Alps – these products will be absolutely loved by your dogs!

Designed by Ben Hansen, this simple yet innovative dog house uses excess water from watering plants and filters it into the dog’s water bowl! Rattan with green accents gives it a light, airy feel. The minimal dog house will brighten any corner of your home – hard not to when it holds a cute plant and pet! It’s an adorable piece of furniture that not only serves as a home for your pet but also doubles up as an elegant plant holder, harmoniously merging with the interiors of your home. Ben’s approach to this is almost reversal to the way we treat our pets and plants. While we love the use of rattan and wish to promote this sustainable material, there is also a certain lightness to the material which needs to be balanced by a strong and heavy metal frame to keep your energetic puppy from toppling this over! There are rather obvious questions about the actual purification of this plant water runoff and we hope Ben will soon share more details on the design’s execution.

With a foldable design, the Redminut dog water bottle, designed by Marco Chen & Archer Guan, is a portable travel accessory for dogs and their owners that ensures your doggo won’t ever go thirsty. Redminut relies on a hinged folding mechanism that allows the dog water bottle to easily close for storage and expand for use. Once the dog bottle’s lid is fully expanded to 180°, water is released with the push of the bottle’s only button. Since Redminut’s folding mechanism is so easy to use and carry on the go, it’s the ideal travel companion for outdoor activities like afternoons spent at the dog park or long walks around you and your pup’s favorite lake. Redminut can also be fully extended and put into use with one hand, so you can always hold the leash in the other.

If your doggo has been around for a while and is ageing, then the Dog Cloud Bed may just be the perfect bed for him! The Cloud Bed is a therapeutic bed that helps relieve any joint pain or discomfort they may be experiencing, by massaging them. The massaging bed provides a 3D cloud wave vibration massage using its layers of orthopedic and memory foam. In fact, you can even schedule and set up four massages for your dog in a day! You can pair it up to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, and control the bed through your phone. The Dog Cloud Bed also helps with separation anxiety, circulation, and in assisting your pet to relax and sleep better.

In her uploaded YouTube video, A chair made for needy pets Giertz takes us through the construction of both the chair’s initial prototype and its final form. Using Fusion 360, Giertz created a 3D model of the pet chair. The model features an enclosed crate, the main dog door, footrest, stairs, and roof to also work as Giertz’s seat. Employing CNC milling to construct the chair’s top seat and roof, sidewalls, stairs, and front entryway, Giertz cut vertical ridges along the sidewalls to bend them around the radius of the chair. After mounting the pieces of plywood together to form the prototype’s planned structure, Giertz uses screws to attach them, but the finished prototype saw some improvements. Giertz turned to CNC milling to construct the chair’s bottom piece, this time formed in two sections to fit onto the CNC bed. On top of the chair’s joined bottom piece, the rest of the CNC-milled pieces of plywood came together. To help Scraps move up and down the chair’s steps with more confidence, Giertz narrowed the distance between the steps and added a railing system to border the chair’s stairs, main seat, and roof.

Imagine the majestic mountains of the Swiss Alps, a picturesque, awe-inspiring landscape. Imagine how you would capture and portray its natural beauty in, of all things, your dog’s food bowl. The K2 slow feeder, at first glance, looks quite similar to products in this vein. After all, many dogs are fast eaters, and pet-product developers have found a simple solution to this problem: creating ridges and slopes in their bowls that make it more difficult for a dog to scoop up mouthfuls of kibble. Functionally, the K2 slow feeder works the same way, but its standout quality is its aesthetic design, which distills the Swiss Alps’ natural beauty into a visually pleasing product.

Ruffit designed the cutest Dog Carrying Backpack for your pup! The backpack ensures that you can carry your pets with you on all your adventures, they don’t have to be left behind at home! Whether you’re going hiking, biking, or travelling, you can carry your pet safely and securely along with you, while they’re tucked into Ruffit’s backpack. The backpack features multiple adjustable straps to help keep your doggo safely locked in. There’s no chance of him jumping out! It also holds your pet upright, so they’re always in a comfortable position, no matter what.

TOMO is a minimally designed, easy-to-connect, leash, collar, and harness set that will make your life easier and your dog more stylish. TOMO gives pet gear the upgrade it’s always needed, with minimalist aesthetics and beautifully engineered designs backed by high-quality materials. Putting basic plaid collars and harnesses with those fiddly carabiner clips in the rear-view mirror, TOMO’s pet gear comes in beautiful matte black, from the leash to collar to harness, and features a unique, robust metal clasp that’s minimal, durable, and easy to secure in a matter of seconds.

Created by Norway-based designer Lucas Couto, Migo is a kit of IoT devices that leans on smart technology to provide remote interaction between dogs and their owners while they’re away. Migo is short for ‘amigo,’ which means ‘friend’ in Spanish. Each component of Migo communicates and connects to one another via Bluetooth, which allows for remote interaction between dogs and their owners. The system’s main appeal is the collar since it comes equipped with a tracking system, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, audio output, and an LED flashlight. Owners can also have all eyes on their dog at home through the camera unit that functions as a traditional surveillance camera. The camera even comes with a speaker so that owners can speak to their dogs whenever anxiety levels seem to rise.

With winter months getting colder and more treacherous, keeping dogs and puppies with shorter hair warm is a top priority for dog owners. In fact, 40% of dog-owners based in the U.S.A. bought some item of clothing for their dog during the year 2020. If you’re looking to upgrade your’s pup’s wardrobe for the new year, the collection of dog jackets from Between Two Naps features some other fun options, like headpieces topped with pillows and puppy-themed, plush racing helmets. The Delivery Jacket, however, is their upcycled option, which comes one-of-a-kind, with a cropped body and elasticated underside. Their design features classic packing labels embedded into the jacket’s fabric that includes random words such as “sleep,” which help the store owners track outbound shipments.

The PooPail features an inclining garbage container with an auto-open lid. Along with the PooPail Scoop, it reduces the collection procedure to a simple sweeping action that allows the poop to instantly be shoveled right into the container. Tilt the container back up and the lid automatically shuts, enclosing the waste inside, keeping it from being seen or smelt. Each PooPail even comes with easy-to-replace biodegradable trash-liners that ensure you never have to clean up or maintain your pooper-scooper. PooPail’s huge storage capacity (4 Gallons) saves you from 28 long journeys to the dumpster by storing many smelly leftovers for up to a week at a time. Its scooper even comes with a grille shape that ensures that as it scoops up the waste, pebbles, sand, and gravel pass right through.