The Pop Star of Popcorn Makers


Pop 360 is one rockin’ popcorn maker… literally! Designer Ketaki Kshirsagar discovered that adding a swivel feature eliminated the need for a fan to mix popped kernels. This allowed the resulting Pop 360 design to be near-seamless, more compact, easier to clean, quieter, and gave it a longer lifespan.

It consists of 3 main components that can nest after being disassembled to save space. The container rotates to keep shuffling the corn kernels for even popping and even seasoning, eliminating the hot air fan system. This makes it very easy to clean as there is no oil accumulation in the machine parts. The other 2 parts are the heater and the glass bowl.The vessel which heats the corn can be easily detached for washing. Once the popcorn is ready, simply turn the container upside down to transfer the popcorn to the glass bowl. Then, just twist the glass bowl to detach and enjoy the popcorn!

Designer: Ketaki Kshirsagar