Mac mini 2021 could be a plexiglass compact + powerful machine in peppy color options

This compact Mac mini for this year brings with it improvements from the previous model both in terms of power, heat dissipation and of looks dominated by the thin acrylic cover. The peppy colors of the latest Mac mini are reimagined in this cool concept.

The M1-powered Mac mini is a compact PC perfect for a modern lifestyle that’s dominated by frequent travel and flexible working regimes. The M1chip-powered supercomputer is unlike any other gadget on the market, and Apple has hit all the right notes in coming up with this magic box that’ll surprise you with its power and swiftness. While we are already basking in the success of the Mac mini 2020 model, a successor is on the cards. Yes, the Mac mini 2021 model is rumored to launch this fall and how it could look visually has piqued my interest.

An interesting concept design by Qocept Graphics gives us a purview of the Mac mini design for this year with very subtle modifications on the outside and some major improvements on the inside. The size on this one reduces the footprint a tad with dimensions of 13.5cm in width and length, and a 3cm thickness – making it the thinnest Mac thus far. To provide extra protection to the aluminum body, and a premium overall feel, the Mac mini concept gets a 2cm thin acrylic enclosure. This also raises the machine slightly above the work surface for active dissipation of heat.

The designer emphasizes the acrylic shell as it gives the Mac mini 2021 model a weightless feel and enhances airflow around the ventilation as the air is vented out through the rear opening. Going in line with the speculations of an increased number of ports, the concept adapts to the rumor mill predictions. It has more USB 4 and USB 3 ports. Also, there is a magnetic power connector akin to the iMac and the Gigabit Ethernet through the external power supply.

This Mac mini concept assumes the machine to get the same M1-powered guts but here I disagree. There’s substantial evidence of M1X chip-powered innards – giving the Mac mini more CPU and GPU cores to work with. On the exterior, the new Mac mini might get a refreshing boost of colors with red, blue, purple, yellow, orange sea green and the classic silver white option.

Designer: Qocept Graphics