This foldable dog water bottle creates a comfortable water bowl for your dog, anytime, anywhere!

A dog’s gotta drink. We each have our own reusable water bottle that we can take with us on the go– your dog needs one too. For those long hikes that end up being way hotter than expected or the car rides spent stuck in traffic, dogs need their own means of quenching their thirst. With a foldable design, the Redminut dog water bottle, designed by Marco Chen & Archer Guan, is a portable travel accessory for dogs and their owners that ensures your doggo won’t ever go thirsty.

Redminut relies on a hinged folding mechanism that allows the dog water bottle to easily close for storage and expand for use. Once the dog bottle’s lid is fully expanded to 180°, water is released with the push of the bottle’s only button. Since Redminut’s folding mechanism is so easy to use and carry on-the-go, it’s the ideal travel companion for outdoor activities like afternoons spent at the dog park or long walks around you and your pup’s favorite lake. Redminut can also be fully extended and put into use with one hand, so you can always hold the leash in the other.

In constructing Redminut, the designers were sure to source building materials that were safe for dogs, so the water trough was built from ABS plastic and the product’s body was built from PC plastic. The water trough itself is also long and wide enough for even the biggest, thirstiest tongues, and the full capacity of Redminut measures at 14 oz. Redminut is leakproof as well, so when it’s time to store the bottle, users can rest assured their belongings won’t turn out to be soaked next pit stop.

Designers: Marco Chen & Archer Guan

Simply unfold Redminut and with the press of a button, pour water into its trough for your dog.

When closed, redminut can easily fit into handbags or backpockets.

Redminut comes in either optic white or lavender.

Using a hinged folding mechanism, Redminut expands 180 degrees.

The water trough of redminut is long and wide to accommodate bigger dogs.