MulTicket – A Ticket Concept

That ticket you get when you enter an amusement park or event venue could one day be some of the most advanced pieces of tech you get for free, minus the entrance fee of course. The MulTicket is a bankcard sized electronic device thats sort of an all-in-one wonder device. The surface is covered in a touchscreen LED grid called the MindPad which functions as your guide, search, payment, and navigation.

Let’s say you’ve just walked into Disney World. You register your MulTicket securely via fingerprint and enter the gates. My but this place is huge. Your friends were here hours ago and it seems almost impossible to find them. They’re not answering their phones but fortunately your MulTicket can locate their MulTickets and give you icon based navigational instructions on the MindPad. While walking thru the park, the MulTicket gives you little snippets and tidbits of info regarding rides, food, and history about Disney World. Giving into your hunger, you decide to stop for a snack. The MulTicket also acts currency which is either linked to your bank account or withdrawls from a rechargeable queue. When you finally meet up with your friends, you all line up for a ride and swipe your card to document the trip. When you leave, you keep the card and can reuse it for any other venue by re-registering. It’s software based solution makes it easy to consolidate passes, tickets, and convention IDs all into one device. The LED based interface makes customization catering to each event easy. The possibilities are endless.

Designer: Bence Bogar [ Product Page ]