Made from upcycled polypropylene packaging, a fashion designer & creative director designed a winter jacket for dogs!

While I’m subscribed to a newsletter that sends out lists of dogs available for adoption, I’m unfortunately still puppy-less. That being said, if I did have a short-haired doggo of my own, then these colder winter months might call for a shopping spree. If your dog’s winter style could use a revamp, then look no further than Remy, the half-dachshund, half-chihuahua, full-time sleepyhead from New York City. Between Two Naps, an NYC-based collaboration between a creative director and fashion designer makes experimental and wearable objects for dogs, inspired by their pup Remy. Upcycled from grocery delivery bags, Between Two Naps’ new glossy delivery jacket is handmade in New York City and tailored-to-fit any dog.

With these winter months getting colder and more treacherous, keeping dogs and puppies with shorter hair warm is a top priority for dog-owners. In fact, 40% of dog-owners based in the U.S.A. bought some item of clothing for their dog during the year 2020. If you’re looking to upgrade your’s pup’s wardrobe for the new year, the collection of dog jackets from Between Two Naps features some other fun options, like headpieces topped with pillows and puppy-themed, plush racing helmets. The Delivery Jacket, however, is their upcycled option, which comes one-of-a-kind, with a cropped body and elasticated underside. Their design features classic packing labels embedded into the jacket’s fabric that includes random words such as “sleep,” which help the store owners track outbound shipments.

Speaking on behalf of every single one of us – with all the shipments we’ve been receiving in the mail in 2020, it’d be difficult not to instantly recognize the sheen of this dog’s astro-chic jacket. Between Two Naps took it upon themselves to reinvest in an otherwise unsustainable piece of metalized polypropylene, which typically ends up in the trash, and transformed it into an insulated, one-of-a-kind, winter jacket for small dogs. So, wear it proudly pups, because – and yes I’m still speaking for all of us –we wish we could.

Designer: Between Two Naps