Bicycle Racks designed to perfectly fit + store your bike even in the tiniest space!

Bicycles seem to be all the craze right now! And we at Yanko Design totally support it, because not only are bicycles eco-friendly but they’re a great source of exercise as well. But storing bicycles in our modern-day cramped apartments can be a bit of a hassle. In such situations, bicycle accessories such as a handy and ergonomic bike rack are a Godsend! Take this minimal bicycle stand by Alexander Yoo – it’s a secure fit to keep your bike and you happy. Just like this, we’ve curated some of the best bike racks for you. These functional and visually pleasing designs promise to be the best storage solutions for your precious bikes. Not to mention, they rate high on aesthetics as well, so they won’t be total eyesores in your home!

Designed to look like an abstraction of a wall-mounted animal trophy, the Longhorn is hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, using Evergreen Wood, a leather bicycle seat, and bull-style road handlebars. The wall art isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it serves as a functional bike rack too! Equipped to hold any standard-sized bicycle (weighing up to 65lbs), the Longhorn suspends itself using 3.5″ screws to bring unquestionable stability no matter what wall material you hang it on.

The Berlin Bicycle Rack is not only is a stunning, Nordic-inspired bicycle rack, but also a storage system for other household possessions; the Birchwood assembly lends itself to the storage of magazines, bicycle accessories, books, and office items. The hand-finished, contemporary design allows for the Berlin Bicycle Rack to be introduced into a wide variety of interior décors and to be seamlessly integrated into space. And, if you’re a bike lover like me, it’s also a great reason to keep your bike in the house!

The ARTIFOX RACK Vertical Bike Storage is a unique bike mounting system that allows you to store your bike vertically. The bike rack can be levelled and placed across any flat surface. Built from solid hardwood and powder-coated steel, the rack has a sturdy build, ensuring it lasts for years to come!

The Kryon I Mono helps you keep your bike secure at all times! The bike rack also doubles up as a lock, ensuring that your bike is stored safely, and isn’t at the risk of being stolen. Featuring a stainless steel build, it also sports soft padding to support the bike, and looks super sleek as well!

Built from virtually indestructible roto-molded polyethylene and equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, the Alpen is a custom home for your bicycle, made to protect your ride from the sun, rain, sleet, rust, and obviously, theft too. The Alpen can be secured to a floor, wall, pillar, or even the back of your truck, letting you carry your bike along with its own home wherever you go. No more storing your bike in the living room, leaving tire marks on the floor, or hanging it on your wall, making it the focal point of all your decor, or simply dumping it in your garage beside your car or motorbike.

Pedal Pod is probably the most creative bike rack I have come across! Not only does it securely store your bike, but it also doubles up as a cool shelving unit for your bicycle accessories and other items. Featuring a geometrically intriguing form, the storage unit is not only functional but visually pleasing as well!

The Genus has been inspired by tree trunks! Designed by Vadolibero, the bike rack features seven ‘branches’ that can be used to store bicycle accessories and gear. The leather wheel hook can be used to adjust and hold almost any bike, irrespective of model and size. It is easy to install and durable as well!

Designed by Vadolibero as well, the Origo bike rack features a tubular stainless steel base with a small cabinet on top. The cabinet hides the bike hangar while providing extra space to store accessories and other items. It consists of two drawers and looks like a little cubicle!

Airlok is an award-winning bike rack that stores your bike safely and securely! A steel frame and a lock make it a sturdy wall rack that can store any bike size and model, and not to mention it has been rated at the maximum Gold Sold Secure standard!

The Zadel Bike Rack by Lignum looks more like a wall-mounted shelf than a bike rack! It perfectly merges with the aesthetics of your modern home. Amped with soft-connect, it protects your bike from any damage and also provides additional space to store your key, helmet, gloves and etc.