Beautifully Designed Bicycle Storage


Wall-mounted bicycle storage appeals to two demographics, the first being fanatics who view their bicycle as a piece of art and would love for it to become a feature in the home. The second is for people who live in compact, inner-city apartments where space can be limited and having to store a bulky and awkwardly shaped bicycle can be a hassle.

The Berlin Bicycle Rack caters to both these demographics, as not only is it a stunning, Nordic inspired bicycle rack, but also a storage system for other household possessions; the Birch wood assembly lends itself to the storage of magazines, bicycle accessories, books and office items.

The hand finished, contemporary design allows for the Berlin Bicycle Rack to be introduced into a wide variety of interior décors and to be seamlessly integrated into the space. And, if you’re a bike lover like me, it’s also a great reason to keep your bike in the house!

The Berlin Bicycle Rack is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Adrian Bogdan of OONA Studio

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