Lamborghini Goes Martian


The chances of Lamborghini making a pickup truck are about as good as us colonizing Mars! Just for kicks, the Lambo Mars X1 explores both! Designed for future martian dwellers, this ultramodern pickup truck features all the fixings needed to rover the red planet.

Whether it’s for collecting soil samples or storing medical supplies, this vehicle is all about storage. Aside from its main bed, which can be used for hauling larger items, it has all sorts of nooks and crannies for maximizing unused space. This even includes the wheels which feature built in storage in the center.

The large mecanum wheels are not only capable of covering rough terrain forwards and backwards, but also allow the vehicle to move or turn in any direction on the spot. Each operates independently. For enhanced maneuverability, the body is also flexible and capable of stretching or becoming more compact when necessary.

Designer: Xundi Li



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