A sleek and secure storage space for your bicycle!

It’s true that we have garages for our cars and motorbikes, but somehow, all the bicycle got was a bicycle rack. There are objects to tether your bicycle to, but not a dedicated space to store your bicycle in, to protect it not only from theft, but also from the elements.

This revelation led to Eric G. Pearson to create the Alpen, a compact, secure cocoon of sorts for your bicycle. With a hood that slides open and closed quite majestically, you can easily store one bicycle within the Alpen, and given its small framework and pleasantly sleek design, the Aspen itself can be placed (and even displayed) indoors or even outdoors.

Built from virtually indestructible roto-molded polyethylene and equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, the Alpen is a custom home for your bicycle, made to protect your ride from sun, rain, sleet, rust, and obviously, theft too. The Alpen can be secured to a floor, wall, pillar, or even the back of your truck, letting you carry your bike along with its own home wherever you go.

No more storing your bike in the living room, leaving tire marks on the floor, or hanging it on your wall, making it the focal point of all your decor, or simply dumping it in your garage beside your car or motorbike. The Alpen gives your beloved bike its dedicated storage/parking space, because it’s high time the bicycle got its own garage!

Designer: Eric G. Pearson (Alpen Storage)