With its Bugatti-inspired design, the ETTORE watch puts a supercar on your wrist


Designed in tribute to their namesake, Ettore Bugatti, the ETTORE series of watches from indie watchmaker ATOWAK are all about capturing the thrill and adrenaline of Bugatti’s rich design and automotive history. The watch sports a high-octane aesthetic with its speedometer-inspired dial and that hard-to-miss 4-arm wandering hour complication within.

The ETTORE watches are absolutely rich with visual metaphors that celebrate Bugatti as a luxury car company with the reputation of being a speed-devil. The watch’s unusual horseshoe-shape is a hat-tip to Bugatti’s iconic logo, while also referencing the curves found in a racetrack. The dial and markings are inspired by the speedometer, while the crown of the watch sits at the 9 o’clock position, adding to the watch’s unique appeal. In fact, uniqueness is built right into ATOWAK’s DNA – the word ATOWAK is a Caesar cipher of the word UNIQUE, i.e., each letter moved 6-places up the alphabet!

Designer: ATOWAK

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The ETTORE collection comes in two similar yet distinct versions. The ETTORE Drift sports an incredibly gorgeous wandering hour complication. Using a time-telling technique often seen in most luxury watch brands (notably Urwerk), the Drift has a cross-shaped hour hand with 12 rotating hour indicators that work in synchronicity, telling the time in a cutting-edge yet artistic way. On the inside, the watch is powered by a mechanism designed in-house to operate its four-armed hour hand, and built upon the MIYOTA 9015.

Finished with Swiss Super-LumiNova coating.

The second in the series, the ETTORE Lite, sticks to its supercar roots, but with a simplified inner. It forgoes the wandering arm, opting instead for a classic time display with a similar racecar aesthetic and a speedometer-driven time-telling experience. The Drift and Lite both come with meticulously polished 316L Stainless Steel bodies, capped with sapphire-crystal glass. The internal dial uses aviation-grade aluminum, and the watch’s front comes with Swiss luminous pigment coatings that make it glow in low-light settings, while the back sports an exhibition window that lets you see the watch’s rotor and mechanism in action!

“At ATOWAK, our focus is to always push the boundaries of style and provide our community with watches that are totally unique,” said ATOWAK CEO, Johnny. “We found our inspiration for ETTORE in the world of supercars and racing. The bold lines and sensation of speed found in the fastest cars informed the subtle curves of our watch and its intriguing method of indicating the time subverts the concept of traditional mechanical watches.”

Each watch is meticulously assembled (that unique shape and wandering hand don’t come without their fair share of complexities) and engraved with a unique serial number. The watches are designed to be water-resistant to 100-165 feet, and come with interchangeable Italian-leather watch straps, inspired by car seat-cushions. The ETTORE Drift and Lite are limited to 500 units for each of their color options, and come backed by a two-year international warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $699 $1199 (42% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!