How A Decorative Tray And Incense Holder Brings A Piece Of Korean History To Your Home

Don’t we all want to be surrounded by tools that allow us to relax and revitalize mentally?

Aromatherapy is a concept widely adopted by the contemporary world which is why the Asian culture of incense sticks is gaining popularity in the West. It is highly valued by a broad cross-section of the traditional community. However, the younger section is still understanding and exploring its benefits. The tray and holder’s deliberately designed modern form and versatile nature make it a fantastic entry point for the younger generation as well.

Designer: Deric Jeon, Sohee Park of

This was built by the Songpa-gu in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation to portray the beauty of the Hanseong period of the Baekje Dynasty’s cultural legacy and the aroma of tradition. This beautiful tray and holder complements any sort of interior decor by preserving and exhibiting its roots through themes of coins, flowers, and tree branches that showcase Baekjeasty’s remarkable art and cultural features.

Incense sticks are associated with a serene and zen environment that promotes focus, concentration, and rejuvenation. The characteristics of minimalistic design contribute to this frame of mind. It motivates people to think, perceive, and behave positively. When these themes are combined with overlapping traits, the outcome is a full platter to attract younger consumers.

The rightly picked white finishes justify the zen and minimal aesthetic. Zen themes usually have neutral colors which are associated with nature and are pleasing to the eye. Not only does the minimal zen palette affect one’s mood, but it also affects one’s attention span allowing them to focus and work better if placed in workspaces. It gives a feeling of a clean, pure, and a fresh environment

Traditional Korean buildings have the most gorgeous roofs, with everything from bright beautiful paintings on the ceilings to graceful tiles, arching eaves, and intricate tile finishes. The traditional clay tiles used to construct these roofs are known as ‘giwa’. These roofs served as inspiration for the shape of this holder and tray. The tile ends are always embellished with a finely detailed motif, such as an animal, flower, or Chinese character just like the ones at the end of the tray.

These trays are excellent choices for creating a cozy and soothing ambiance at home after a long day at work or even in the office during breaks. This complements every type of interior design and can be used without fear of clashing. Because it mixes daily objects into one, such as a cardholder, pen holder, and, of course, our new favorite incense stick tray, it encourages minimalism in every location it is used! The modular design also allows room for creating a larger tray and use it to its maximum capacity, these can also be stacked for compact storing.

It was fantastic how the designs at the tile ends kept the authenticity. In contrast to a structure with a flat surface, the wavy design may restrict the types of objects it can hold while decreasing usability.