This grungy wooden bench with storage on the underside adds easy customization to your interiors!

Whether it’s at the home bar or a restaurant, bar stools are great to furnish the space when variety is on your mind. At a restaurant, a bar stool allows more seating capacity and gives solo diners confined space to have a drink or two while indulging in a light conversation with the bartender. But when you have a bar chair at home, you’d want one that is more than a stagnant piece of furniture. The innovative design of the No.208 bar chair made that possible with its swappable design. The No.208 bar chair focuses on customization. The user can now replace the wooden seat or maybe change the color and material of the hanging leather basket under the seat. This leather basket doubled as storage and was the standout feature of this bar chair.

With the same concept in mind, but to share the seating with more than one person – whether placed indoors or installed in the public space – the No.215 bench chair is born. The bench is slightly lower in height since it deviates from the No.208’s bar chair image and its design – that appears like a bathtub – allows more than one person to sit next to each other. Therefore, the bench is much broader and comes with not one but two leather baskets attached to the underside. The primary intention of the baskets is to let people easily store their bags or cargo in it while occupying the chair without worrying about them getting dirty.

Here again, the concept is the same – the wooden seating plank is removable from the metal frame, just in case you want to replace it or introduce a new color. As it is for the bar stool, we can swap the leather baskets for a unique appearance. Share the No.215 bench and protect your bags from the dirty, sticky floor in whatever restaurant you are visiting. Presented in a choice of light and dark wood, the No.215 bench can be used independently or may be paired with the No.208 bar chair – whatever adds that special jazz to your space!

Designer: DesignThisIs