Light up your Consciences

We, as humans, often take artificial light for granted, we switch on our desk lamps, reading lights, or ceiling lights without a second thought of what is powering them or the consequences that it may have. This funky looking lamp forces the user to think twice about their need for light in a rather ingenious way!

The Dina Lamp requires money in order to work, the user simply drops a coin into the top of the product, they are then redeemed with light. This process aims to help them become more aware of the value of light and the amount of energy that it requires.

And doesn’t the Dina Lamp look great? Its unique form and playful off-switch makes for an attractive package. It would be a striking addition to any home and perhaps it would change a few minds along the way!

Designers: Mauricio Sanin & Kelly Durango Cardenas of MOAK Studio