Brew and enjoy a Starbucks-worthy coffee experience with these product designs!

As much as I hate to admit it, I absolutely cannot start my day without a freshly brewed cup of coffee! It’s the boost of energy, dose of motivation, and rush of serotonin that I need every morning. And, I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most of us. However, brewing coffee is an intimate and intricate process by itself, and a few handy products are always needed to peacefully create and enjoy our much-needed cup of coffee. So, we’ve curated a collection of product designs including unique coffee machines, pour-over brewers, sustainable to-go cups, and more to make your morning coffee routine just a little bit more enjoyable!

This conceptual coffee machine is very unlike the espresso makers in the market and it’s the aesthetics that set it apart. It is a dream machine for people who love coffee and space exploration equally (like me!). The compact capsule shape makes it look like a moon lander for your counter and is obviously powered by caffeine which is only the second most powerful fuel after rocket fuel! The designer’s main focus was to retain some of the rawness and the mechanical steampunk look of the traditional Italian espresso makes while maintaining a clean shape that adds character to the product. There is a tubular water/steam container at the back which I feel can be extended down for added support for the appliance. There is also another container for your beans which I assume leads to a small grinder mechanism inside so you only get the freshest cup of joe each time. Overall, the shape is very unique and combines the nostalgic steampunk elements with clean, smooth curves for a balanced modern machine.

Most of the pour-over coffee makers in the market focus on functionality rather than usability making it hard for beginners to make a perfect cup without knowing the techniques. That is where Eli comes in – it is a transformable, compact, and automatic pour-over coffee maker designed to make the brewing process easier and the taste more consistent. It is a brewing kit that divides the process into three phases – material preparation, brewing setup, and final brewing. Boil water and keep the grounds ready, then slide and lift the structure, followed by rotating it to lock the base – now you are ready to brew. It has a smooth and stable rotating axis structure that elevates its minimal aesthetics.

Made in the UK, Orea means “from the mountains” – a fitting name for this teeny weeny coffee brewer made for the outdoorsy. This pour-over brewer comes with an innovative drainage ring at the base, resulting in a faster flow rate. As the designers explain, “The Orea brewer has a unique drainage ring that results in a fast flow rate. What this means for you is that you can grind finer and extract the brighter notes in coffee. If you love the nutty, fruity, citrusy, or chocolatey tastes that come with specialty coffee – you will love this brewer.” This design change improved upon the dreaded clogging and extended brew time with brewers with a smaller opening. 

If there was an emergency, I would instantly protect my dog and my coffee. So if you are anything like me then the BruTrek Expedition Coffee Kit is essential for you! Planetary Design has created one of the world’s most rugged, portable, coffee brewing kits for modern-day explorers who need more than just a french press. This coffee kit has a full range of accessories and looks like it is ready to be air-dropped into a war zone and I just know it will survive with the 29-L Zarges case that protects it. The brewing range comes in a sturdy, custom foam-cushioned lightweight German aluminum box which is popular for overlanding and can be neatly stacked over other similar-sized Zarges boxes or strapped to the outside of a vehicle if needed. It is designed to keep dust and moisture out, and it is also IGBC-certified bear-resistant according to Zarges USA – so no aggressive grizzlies will be stealing your coffee although, before coffee, some of us might be like angry bears ourselves!

Designed as a collaborative effort between Electrolux and the students at Umeå Institute of Design to think about post-Covid-19 home solutions, the Fika from Afar helps capture the nuances of work-life and work-leisure while at home. In Swedish, ‘Fika’ is a term for coffee or tea break (usually enjoyed with a cake or bun and in the company of others). Fika from Afar carries that concept and brings it into homes, allowing you to take a well-deserved break from work with your friends. Power on the Fika from Afar and connects you and multiple colleagues through an app that lets you collectively take a break while you sip coffee. Friends can either share a cup of coffee with you, or some gossip, or even their own coffee recommendations, giving you a nice 5-10 minute break from the mundane routine of working from home.


Unocup designed an ergonomic paper cup that folds into itself to create a spill-proof lid! Just fold over each flap and insert the tab to close the “lid”. To open, it is a simple press of a button that will gently open the flap instead of trying to carefully pop off the lid – praying for you if you attempt that with long nails. This cup has a unique shape that fits into your palm, the uniform structure creates a strong and consistent body that will not cave under pressure, unlike traditional paper cups. The drinking curved spout is specifically designed to fit your lips naturally as opposed to the otherwise flat plastic lids. You can also fold flaps backward and drink from the rim just like a normal drinking glass.

Zhi Ka Master is a coffee-making system that employs the use of twin-arm robotics to perform traditional coffee and tea brewing for hand-poured, automated cups of coffee. The entire system comprises a twin-arm, six-axis robot, and accompanying work table. Twin-arm robotic systems are typically chosen for their efficient and automated execution of more involved assembly operations. Through bi-manual manipulation, twin-arm robots can perform complicated tasks in a human-like manner. The incorporation of twin-arm robotics for Zhi Ka Master and a bionic profile design equips the robot with enough know-how to stimulate masterful coffee or tea-making methods with the push of a button. A pre-sized and programmed worktable is used to keep all the machines and tools necessary to make any drink on a typical coffee menu.

Inspired by the powerhouse marque, Sajdin Osmancevic designed a luxury coffeemaker in the style of the Bugatti Type 35, with a finished look fit for the post-race winner’s circle. In order to get the coffee machine going, users simply flip open the golden emblem at the top of the arch-shaped, gridded radiator, to insert their preferred coffee capsule and wait for hot coffee to pour from the Bugatti logo. Moving to the coffee machine’s bulbous backside, reminiscent of the Bugatti Type 35’s spherical and triangular rear wing, users will find the coffee machine’s rear switch dial, a scaled replica of Type 35’s petrol tank where either a single or double shot of espresso can be chosen for brewing.

Designed as probably the world’s most fun user-manual, Sip-To-Suit Coffee Information Cards are a set of coffee-brewing guides disguised as actual playing cards! You see, brewing coffee can be an incredibly elaborate affair, with different brewing machines and techniques requiring different water quantities, brewing times, and even coffee-ground sizes. Sip-To-Suit helps simplify that in an incredibly fun way by creating a set of flashcards that help give you critical information on how to brew the best coffee. Moreover, the cards double up as playing cards too, allowing you to start your day with a nice hot brew, and end your day with Texas Hold’em!


COFFEEJACK comes from the folks at Hribarcain, famed for their great work in the EDC department. Now, they’ve set out to shrink the coffee machine to a form factor so small, you might as well carry it around everywhere you go along with the rest of your belongings. Designed by Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain, the COFFEEJACK works with any coffee-grind, enabling you to have your favorite espresso anywhere you go, while also reducing your dependence on those earth-polluting Nespresso and Keurig pods. Just add your coffee grind to the lower chamber and COFFEEJACK’s in-built tamper will level the grounds and pack them tightly. Open out the pump and pour hot water into the upper chamber and you’re ready to go! The espresso maker’s manual pump matches the high-pressure output of most coffee machines, giving you an espresso that is deliciously thick and even has that layer of flavor-packed crema on top, just like the one your barista makes with professional equipment.

The LIDfree is less of a redesign and more of a re-imagination of lids themselves. A sustainable improvement on plastic lids would probably be to design lids that are made out of paper instead… but to redesign a cup in a way that it doesn’t need a lid? That’s truly something worth marveling at. Meet the LIDfree, a to-go paper cup that comes with its own fold-in lid. While the lid isn’t 100% spill-proof (not even the plastic ones are), it does a few key things really well. It prevents spillage and merges two products (a cup and lid) into me. It gives you a central channel to put your straw and replaces a wasteful plastic part with a recyclable paper one.