Apple ActionCam with advanced functionality could be GoPro’s nemesis

Think of action cameras, and the first name that instantly pops up is GoPro Hero. If you are obsessed with the nerdy action cams on the market, then DJI Osmo and Insta360 are the subsequent best bets for your crazy adventures or sporting activities. While dethroning GoPro is an arduous task – what if  Apple ever decided to make an action camera that actually resonates with the current userbase? The result will be an action cam that leverages Apple’s hardware and software prowess!

Italian designer Antonio De Rosa believes an Apple action cam is a realistic possibility in a landscape of current-gen geeky gadgets. Apple and an action cam would not be something out of the ordinary for the Cupertino giant to create. So, Antonio leaves me in awe with the Apple AirCam, which is no more significant than the AirPods Pro case. It carries a similar design language to the case with the obvious addition of an LCD screen display on the front and the big camera sensor on the backside. If you look closely, this lens is accompanied by a small Apple Watch-like screen, perhaps to click selfies and display vital heads-up information. There is a single shutter button on top to keep things as simple as possible. On the sides, there is space for USB-C and SHDC card slots to make data transfer seamless and load the camera with additional memory.

Since we are talking about an Apple action camera sometime in the future, it has got to have wireless charging for sure. Current GoPro versions use 16mm f/2.8 lens with 4K @60fps or 5K @30fps video shooting capabilities. Apple ActionCam needs to be better than that if we assume it’s going to arrive in 2022. Functionality-wise, Siri voice assistant support and Memoji options are a given. Antonio imagines the Apple action camera in striking military green, bubblegum pink, sea green, cool blue, and silver colors. So, would I want to have this thing in my backpack at all times? A definite yes!

Designer: Antonio De Rosa