Love coffee? Protect it with this military-grade coffee kit designed for camping!

If there was an emergency, I would instantly protect my dog and my coffee. So if you are anything like me then the BruTrek Expedition Coffee Kit is essential for you! Planetary Design has created one of the world’s most rugged, portable, coffee brewing kits for modern-day explorers who need more than just a french press. This coffee kit has a full range of accessories and looks like it is ready to be air-dropped into a war zone and I just know it will survive with the 29-L Zarges case that protects it.

The brewing range comes in a sturdy, custom foam-cushioned lightweight German aluminum box which is popular for overlanding and can be neatly stacked over other similar-sized Zarges boxes or strapped to the outside of a vehicle if needed. It is designed to keep dust and moisture out, and it is also IGBC-certified bear-resistant according to Zarges USA – so no aggressive grizzlies will be stealing your coffee although, before coffee, some of us might be like angry bears ourselves! The kit includes a large 32-oz (946-ml) BruTrek French press with a more group-friendly option featuring a handle and a spout. The french press comes with all the gear needed to store and pour the perfect cup outdoors – four 8-oz cups, an 8-oz Airscape air-lockout coffee canister, a small “CarGo Can” container for sugar, and a coffee scoop! All you need is your choice of coffee beans, water, and a stove to boil it.

It comes with a price tag of $500 but it is definitely something a coffee addict who loves the outdoors can consider investing in because it will last a long time. I know bad coffee is better than no coffee but a good cup of freshly brewed coffee in the middle of nowhere is priceless and that is why it comes in a military-grade case because for some of us our coffee is everything!

Designer: Planetary Design

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