This coffee maker let’s you master the pour-over technique and is a portable brewing kit!

Anyone who loves coffee will know that making coffee brings you the same amount of joy that drinking coffee does. I am a coffee connoisseur (or a coffee addict as per my sister) and I have all sorts of equipment from an espresso machine to a french press so that I can choose the kind of brew I want to enjoy. One of them is a pour-over, it is a classic and trusted method which I love especially because this brewing process really heavily immerses you in the aroma as you slowly add the water – it is best for mornings because it will truly wake you up. That is exactly why I fell in love with the Eli Pour Over the second I saw it, it gave the set up a much-needed design upgrade!

Most of the pour-over coffee makers in the market focus on functionality rather than usability making it hard for beginners to make a perfect cup without knowing the techniques. That is where Eli comes in – it is a transformable, compact, and automatic pour-over coffee maker designed to make the brewing process easier and the taste more consistent. It is a brewing kit that divides the process into three phases – material preparation, brewing setup, and final brewing. Boil water and keep the grounds ready, then slide and lift the structure, followed by rotating it to lock the base – now you are ready to brew.

It has a smooth and stable rotating axis structure that elevates its minimal aesthetics. It also features an automatic rotating water nozzle so each ground can be evenly coated with water which results in the consistent quality/taste every time – this is usually done by hand with traditional machines and is a technique called blooming that baristas master to control the flow and pace that gives you the perfect pour-over. Eli’s body uses recyclable plastic for injection molding and stainless steel. It also has an electromagnetic heating pad to boil water making it truly portable.

The design also minimizes the tools and utensils needed traditionally to save space and make the brewing more intuitive. “Based on the pain points, I thought of a new approach that focuses not only on the brewing experience but also on usability. Eli combines the classic pour-over coffee brewing techniques with the latest technology,” says Fan who successfully completed the challenge of creating a portable pour-over coffee maker that allows users to enjoy the coffee-making process and perfect taste coffee anytime, anywhere.

Eli Functional Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Chenchen Fan is Winner in Home Appliances Design Category, 2020 – 2021.

Desinger: Chenchen Fan