Designed for camping trips, the Tailgater is a traveling disposal-bin you can use outdoors

Picture this. You’ve just spent an enjoyable weekend outdoors with your friends and family. You’re winding up as you’re about to head home. You look back at the campsite and notice it wasn’t quite like you left it. You see beer cans and solo cups lying on the ground along with potato chip wrappers and other disposables. Not cool, right? Is it your fault if the campsite doesn’t have a dustbin, or if they don’t have enough dustbins for all your waste? We really could debate ethics here forever… or we could talk about the Tailgater by the guys behind Kwik BagIt. Tailgater basically gives you a makeshift table/portable trashcan for your outings. Its sturdy metal construction is entirely foldable, allowing you to fit it in the back of your car, and open it out when needed. Four legs and a metal frame allow you to suspend any plastic bag (although we do recommend checking out Kwik BagIt’s reusable poly-cloth garbage bags) around it, so you don’t need to ask your friend to hold the garbage bag with both hands while you manually collect the waste and put it in the trash. Fold the setup out and your campsite has an instant garbage bin to dump your waste into, complete with a metal lid that allows you to keep the bin shut… partly for aesthetic reasons, and partly to keep the vermin out. The metal lid even doubles up as a tabletop that you can keep your stuff on; plates that need washing, hot utensils, etc.

The Tailgater comes in its own metal case which doubles up as the folding lid of the metal frame. Designed with telescopic legs, just like the ones seen on tripods, the Tailgater can be height-adjusted to accommodate any size of garbage-bag you may own, although the company’s earlier invention, the Kwik BagIt is perhaps the most sustainable way to go. Kwik BagIt’s are reusable, easily washable, durable garbage bags made from a combination of cloth and recycled plastic. A single Kwik BagIt bag can be used hundreds of times, and given that it’s much thicker than a conventional garbage bag (and woven too), Kwik BagIt bags never tear or rip, scattering your garbage all across the road. Designed as multiple-use garbage bags for all sorts of purposes, these poly-cloth bags come in a variety of sizes as well as colors to help coordinate your trash. Each Tailgater metal frame comes with its own set of Kwik BagIts, making it easy to set up a robust, reliable, reusable garbage can every time you head outdoors for camping… because littering was never cool to begin with, and as much as we take stabs at plastic straws, those pesky, flimsy, disposable garbage bags are much more of a risk to our precious environment!

Designer: Jon Folkersen

The TAILGATER – A Must Have Companion for All Outdoor Events

The Tailgater OutBack Model is a solution for responsible collection debris and recyclables and having the feature of a portable metal tabletop.

The Tailgater OutBack model incorporates two core concepts – a removable portable metal table top for setting hot items down and as well as a convenient bag holder that offers a simple way to collect your debris and recyclable bottles and cans. This makes the device very versatile, allowing you to have both a convenient extra surface that is quick and easy to set-up, as well as the ability to keep your tailgating area clean from accumulating debris at your site.

Included in Every Tailgater Outback

– 25 inch x25inch RustProof Folding Metal TableTop
– 4 sets Anodized Flat Matt Telescopic Rails and legs
– 4 Corners and Retainer Clips with strings attached to prevent loss
– 8 Locking Latches for rails and legs
– 4 Rubber Feet
– 4 Tent pegs to secure unit on windy days
– 1 WeatherProof Carrying Case with shoulder straps and clips to connect to back back

Adjustable Telescopic Features

Telescopic Rails adjust from 10 inches – 24 inches to fit virtually any size bag.

The unit can be adjusted to stand horizontal on any terrain and can be stacked when not in use to save space.

About Kwik Bagit Poly/Cloth Bag

Their mission is to improve waste diversion. Their Poly/Cloth bag is the first eco-friendly, reusable, washable bags that can be washed down with a hose and water (when needed) and are the answer to preventing unnecessary single-use oil-based plastic bags from entering the landfills. It takes over 100 years for a plastic bag to break down.

Simple to use.