This Barbeque takes a space-saving and easy cleaning spin on your traditional grill design!

Summertime is here! Like the line from Game of Thrones, we were children of the long summer, until winter came, for us in the form of covid-19. People shut themselves indoors, the threat of being outdoor became legit, and a life full of summertime fun and park time picnic became a thing of the parks. In fact, we even couldn’t get a coffee from our friendly neighborhood Starbucks, until, now! We love the sounds and smells of sizing meat, we hate the clean-up afterward. To keep the ashes from spreading all over your party plans, designers Li Yuan & Zhou Yan have invented the FlameOn Barbecue Grill.

It seems like there’s no easy way to remove the ash leftovers in your average charcoal/wood-fire grill. Rather than scoop out the soot or sift it out of the bottom (which inevitably ends up all over your hands and face), the FlameOn Barbecue Grill provides an all-new functionality that eliminates the mess factor. When you’re finished grilling and the device has cooled off, simply unlock the turning mechanism and tilt it on its side. The leftover ash will fall into a removable compartment for easy disposal. Better yet, in this position, it also takes up a smaller footprint than the average backyard barbecue.

Aesthetically speaking, the appliance has a sleek, minimal design that almost resembles a rocket! The vertical placement of the grill also makes it a space-saving accessory on the days when it’s not in use. All in all, a fun way to balance our love for grilling and keeping the view from our porch intact.

Designer: Li Yuan & Zhou Yan