The iconic Bugatti Type 35-inspired luxury coffee maker gives a vintage boost to your morning caffeine!

The Bugatti Type 35 was developed with master engineer and racing driver Jean Chassagne, who then also drove it in the car’s first Grand Prix back in 1924. The races to follow determined the Bugatti Type 35 as the most successful of the Bugatti racing models, earning countless winning titles during its peak years. Inspired by the powerhouse marque, Sajdin Osmancevic designed a luxury coffeemaker in the style of the Bugatti Type 35, with a finished look fit for the post-race winner’s circle.

In order to get the coffee machine going, users simply flip open the golden emblem at the top of the arch-shaped, gridded radiator, to insert their preferred coffee capsule and wait for hot coffee to pour from the Bugatti logo. Moving to the coffee machine’s bulbous backside, reminiscent of the Bugatti Type 35’s spherical and triangular rear wing, users will find the coffee machine’s rear switch dial, a scaled replica of Type 35’s petrol tank where either a single or double shot of espresso can be chosen for brewing. Then along the side of Osmancevic’s coffee machine, steam vents that mimic the Type 35’s side hood are fashionably placed along with unique number decals, echoing back to the model’s heyday.

Operating similarly to that of Nespresso coffee machines, Osmancevic’s Bugatti-inspired coffee machine uses ground coffee-filled capsules to brew coffee. Perhaps, most well-known for its iconic arch-shaped radiator, the Bugatti Type 35 was the founding cornerstone for Bugatti’s current trademark look. By incorporating the radiator grills, along with Bugatti’s shades of steel and powder blue and walnut brown leather accents, Osmancevic created a coffee machine that easily distinguishes itself as a luxe appliance ready for the racetrack. Coffee and Bugatti sport a long and rich history, filled with full-bodied flavor, smooth finishes, and steaming hot appeal– a winning match.

Designer: Sajdin Osmancevic

Through different ideations, Osmancevic conceptualized his coffee maker design to look just like the Bugatti Type 35.

From its gridded radiator to its gleaning Bugatti emblem, Osmancevic’s coffee maker felt inspired by Bugatti’s design language in making of his coffee maker design.

Similar to the function of a Nespresso coffee maker, Osmancevic’s uses capsule pods to brew single or double espresso shots.

Echoing back to Bugatti’s racing prime, Osmancevic was sure to include finer details like the side hood vents and flashy decals.

Coming in steel blue, powder blue, and dark chocolate brown, Osmancevic looked to Bugatti’s famous color scheme to coat his coffee makers in glossy paint.