This indestructible super-compact pour-over coffee brewer is made from a single piece of aluminum!

Being a coffee enthusiast, pour-over coffee making is my chosen style of brewing. There is poetry and fluidity in the simple process of pouring that hot water and inhaling the aroma of coffee that holds your attention at that moment. While I am happy with my humble brewing process, expert brewers are always looking to give an edge to their coffee-making skills and teach lesser mortals like me the finer points of brewing coffee. One of the lesser considered factors is the choice of material used for brewing – mainly because throw-away plastic brewers have been the most cost-effective choice worldwide. Orea coffee dripper, one of the world’s smallest coffee brewers, sets out to make that possible and also tries to tinker with the flat-base design to make it a tad faster and clog-free. Let’s meet them!

Made in the UK, Orea means “from the mountains” – a fitting name for this teeny weeny coffee brewer made for the outdoorsy. This pour-over brewer comes with an innovative drainage ring at the base, resulting in a faster flow rate. As the designers explain, “The Orea brewer has a unique drainage ring that results in a fast flow rate. What this means for you is that you can grind finer and extract the brighter notes in coffee. If you love the nutty, fruity, citrusy, or chocolatey tastes that come with specialty coffee – you will love this brewer.” This design change improved upon the dreaded clogging and extended brew time with brewers with a smaller opening. 

The Orea is a highly compact full-size pour-over brewer that you can throw away in the bag without worrying about breaking it. The robust, lightweight, and super compact Orea is made from 100-percent aluminum – it is milled out of one solid block of aerospace-grade aluminum using a CNC machine. It weighs only 60g and is designed to fit in a standard cup, camping pot, or unnoticeably in your bag. According to the designers, it is ideal for camping, backpacking, and everyday use in the kitchen. What really makes the Orea stand out in the crowd is not so much its cute little design, but the construction and material use. 

Orea is designed to work with Kalita Wave 155 filters, which can filter finely ground beans and strain a perfect cup of Joe when residing within this petite brewer. Owing to its size, the brewer can only brew one cup (350ml) of coffee at a time. It is priced slightly high at US $69.99, but the Orea justifies its cost with its unique strength and guarantees to last a lifetime, which not only adds to an adventurer’s confidence in his brewer but also means lesser waste ends up in the landfills!

Designer: Orea

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