These playing cards also act as instruction guides to help you brew better coffee!

Now THIS is an idea that seems like it was created by someone who had their cup of coffee in the morning! Designed as probably the world’s most fun user-manual, Sip-To-Suit Coffee Information Cards are a set of coffee-brewing guides disguised as actual playing-cards! You see, brewing coffee can be an incredibly elaborate affair, with different brewing machines and techniques requiring different water quantities, brewing times, and even coffee-ground sizes. Sip-To-Suit helps simplify that in an incredibly fun way by creating a set of flash-cards that help give you critical information on how to brew the best coffee. Moreover, the cards double up as playing cards too, allowing you to start your day with a nice hot brew, and end your day with Texas Hold’em!

Each deck of cards comes beautifully illustrated on the back as well as the front, with an easy-to-read guide that’s ideal for every type of coffee-enthusiast from the pour-over pupil to the espresso expert. The deck includes a standard set of 52 cards, divided cleverly into categories. The aces highlight roast levels, while the black court cards (king, queen, jack) cover the brew basics and the red court cards provide helpful brewing tips. The black number cards cover all brewing techniques from your basic chemex to your more complicated espresso machine (there are 18 of them to choose from); and the red number cards act more like menu-cards, showcasing 18 different coffee recipes, complete with detailed instructions. There are even 2 Joker cards included in the pack, which comes immaculately designed and manufactured in USA.

Here’s the icing on the cake, though… or the crema on the coffee, if you will. There’s even a waterproof edition of the Sip-To-Suit cards that are manufactured from PVC, so even if you do accidentally spill coffee on them, you can simply run them under tap water, wipe them down with a dry cloth, and pretend as if nothing happened!

Designers: Michelle and Vincent Lam (Art of Caffeination)