The bookshelf integrating seating nooks makes this renovated basement the ideal summer escape!

As a kid, you either wanna be the one with the coolest basement in school or be friends with the person who has the coolest basement. Manhattan-based architecture and design studio Eisner Design renovated a family’s basement into a private miniature theme park for their kids, complete with adult-only theme parks in the form of a wine bar. The basement in Water Mill, New York is the ideal summertime destination for kids and adults alike, equipped with everything from a wine bar to a rock climbing wall and foam pit.

Eisner Design’s renovation pads the children’s basement playscape with cushioning from the floor to the ceiling to ensure rowdy and safe play. From the bookshelf to the tree swings, the designers at Eisner envisioned kids’ imagination and brought it to life. Stenciled between cubbies and bookshelves, Eisner Design lodged cushioned seats that work as hideouts tucked away from the action for when playtime gets too tiring. One shaped into a perfect circle and the other forming the shape of a lima bean, the new seating nooks offer kids their own midday nap destination, à la mom and dad. Rooted just in front of the seating nooks, a modular, cushioned playground is stationed next to an indoor tree trunk that can be used for climbing or as a base during games of tag.

Beyond the colorful resting nooks and modular playground, the basement once again assumes its minimalist optic white color scheme and introduces the basement’s hammock tree, constructed from a steel, columnar base and cloth seated hammock beds. Then, tucked away in the basement’s corners, an upholstered low-rise wall forms the pool of a foam pit where kids can plummet into after climbing to the top of the basement’s rock climbing wall or hanging from its monkey bars.

Since basements are the spot for sleepovers, Eisner Design equipped it with PlayPlace-approved sleeping accommodations, providing netted bunk beds located next to the basement’s indoor basketball net. Of course, while the kids are playing, adults can enjoy the basement’s integrated wine bar, complete with white Caesarstone countertops where you can enjoy a beverage you couldn’t get at McDonald’s PlayPlace.

Designer: Eisner Design

A modular cushioned playground gives the newly renovated a safe place for kids to get rowdy and escape the heat of the summertime.

Integrated seated nooks provide kids with their own naptime escapes just like mom and dad.

Cushioned window seating create nooks with outdoor views throughout the basement.

A basketball net stationed next to the basement’s netted bunk beds gives the sleeping area a playful touch.

Just beyond the modular playground, a hammock tree, and foam pit bring this basement to the next level.

An integrated wine bar for mom and dad provides the adults with entertainment that McDonald’s can’t.

The rock climbing wall is stationed atop a foam pit for kids to fall into after falling either from the climbing wall or overhead monkey bars.