This washer dryer comes with a sliding drum to reduce human effort!

I can’t wait for the laundry doing experience to get completely automated, especially when one has to toil between the washer and dryer. A range of innovations has happened in washing machines making them more portable and improved efficiency. Yet, the washer/dryer set remains the most effective solution for people who do a lot of laundry and want it back clean and fresh quickly.

The downside is the amount of manual labor involved, right from putting the clothes into the washer and then transferring them into the dryer. Pointing out a valuable solution through intuitive design, eminent designer Youjin Syn has come up with “Do it” – a Dryer Washing Machine combination that works by sliding the clothes holding drum from the washer to the dryer. Poetically, the sliding mechanism is influenced by the shape of water droplets falling down. 

Aptly named “Do it”, the Dryer Washing Machine does all the work without human intervention. The washer and dryer are placed in an upright position so the drum can easily be moved to the dryer downstairs. From how the renderings appear, this appliance will occupy vertical real estate. But with its geometric design and touch intuitive controls, “Do it” is going to fit very amicably in any setting.

Amid other operative controls, the machine has a push-open door to let the user fill the drum with laundry. When the washing is done – the barrel (drum) automatically travels down to the dryer position through the built-in tunnel mechanism and provides the user with clean and fresh smelling clothes a while later. I think the design has the potential to make a difference in a public laundry and bring me one step closer to having ironed clothes hanging in my closets directly!

Designer: Youjin Syn