Replace your swanky work desk with this inventive ping pong table and never look back

Arguably, tables are an integral part of home furnishing. Dining tables, coffee tables, nightstands, low tables, and even work tables; each of them has its own layout, requirement and usefulness. Presenting a modern dimension to the work table, Strol x cloudandco –studios brainchild of designers Yeo Junyoung and Yeongkyu Yoo respectively – have designed a ping pong table that can also facilitate work from home.

Rightfully called the Play Table, it is categorically designed for a home than a recreational space. To ensure it finds a rightful place at home where stylish and contemporary tables rule the roost, the ping pong table does a multipurpose gimmick in a modern design outfit. Kicking back the tradition of a single-purpose table, the Play Table gears up for a game of tennis and in an instant transforms into a work table complete with wireless charging and storage for your stationery and supplies.

Designer: Strol x cloudandco

At first sight, it’s a simple table. Behind the sliding genius, however, lies an entertainment table. Its top is made from high-density HPL coated solid birch wood while the slides are finished with an intricate 8mm cut of maple. The table legs are made from aluminum with steel castors that make it effortless to move the table, in case you choose to relocate its position.

The interactive table is ready for a ping pong game as soon as a provided magnetic rope net is installed. Post the game, the net is easily removed and along with the rackets and the ball is popped into the storage opened up by sliding apart the two halves of the tabletop. When closed, the table instantly because a space for focus. The surface is provided with a wireless charger and the hidden compartments also stores all the cables, power strip, and still have space for other supplies you’d want to keep safe. Interestingly, when you have co-workers home, you can also sectionalize the table with supplied partitions and your little office table is ready for a work desk for a small team.