Paddock Paradise Is A Spacious & Cozy Tiny Home For Both Cats & Humans Alike

The beauty, magic, and sheer genuis of tiny homes took us by storm a couple of years ago, and it was a discovery that took the architecture world by storm. Since then, tiny homes have gained immense popularity, and been experimented with to create even better, more beautiful, and functional designs. Tiny homes are space-saving and eco-friendly, and they reduce the load on Mother Earth, while managing to look super cute. And, an excellent tiny home that I recently came across is the Paddock Paradise.

Designer: Acorn Tiny Homes

Designed by Acorn Tiny Homes, the Paddock paradise is a towable dwelling that features a spacious interior layout that’s equipped with storage space, and loads of amazing home comforts, including a couple for the owner’s cat. It is founded on a triple-axle gooseneck trailer, and finished in metal siding and faux stone. The trailer has a length of 38 feet, and it is quite big for a tiny home. It features a width of 10 ft, and it does require a permit to be towed on a public road in North America, but this also makes it a spacious dwelling, with a very house-esque style and layout.

There are two entrances into the Paddock Paradise. Accessing the home through the main entrance, visitors find a well-proportioned living room. This is taken up by an L-shaped sofa, plus a fireplace, TV, and shelving. In a neat touch, the fireplace mantelpiece is actually an operable drawer.

Two entrances lead you to Paddock Paradise. You can enter the home via the main entrance, wherein you are welcomed by a well-sized and designed living room. It holds a L-shaped sofa, TV, shelving, and fireplace. The fireplace mantelpiece is also an operable drawer, making it an innovative multifunctional design. The kitchen also holds the second entrance, which connects to a patio area. It features an oven with a three-burner propane-powered stove, as well as a pull-out pantry and a cat flap that offers easy access to a litter tray neatly concealed in the kitchen unit. The home also includes a series of walkways and tunnels through the upper section of the home, forming a cozy and playful living space for cats.