MagSafe for luggage? Apple’s clever magnetic feature is bringing smart modularity to luggage design!

The MagSafe was designed to help accessories like chargers, cases, modules attach easily onto Apple’s products. A travel-gear company is now using similar magnetic tech to help bags attach to each other, making them easier to carry around while traveling!

Two years ago, Kabuto – a French smart luggage brand – released a smart carry-on suitcase with its own built-in biometric lock and power bank. Now, they’re launching a new full-size suitcase with ever more clever features packed together within a slick, minimal design – its most noteworthy feature being the magnetic mount on the front that lets you snap a backpack or essentials-sleeve onto it, keeping your hands free as you travel.

Kabuto’s design brief is rather different from your everyday travel trunk. Apart from the regular space and durability, Kabuto also gives the trunk cutting-edge security, power (literally), modularity, and convenience. The backpack comes with a robust, flat cuboid design, crafted from high-end hard-shell PolyCarbonate. This not only protects the insides of your trunk against impact, it also prevents the trunk from rolling around if it falls out of its compartment. The telescopic handle sits flush within the trunk’s cuboid form, protecting it from damage, and it even gives it a flat upper surface for you to rest your laptop or your lunch on. There’s even a built-in TSA-approved battery inside the trunk that lets you charge your smartphone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, Kindle, and even your laptop! On the inside, the 95L capacity of the bag comes with a modular design that lets you separate and organize all your belongings by category. The bag opens vertically (so you don’t need to lay it down) and a biometric lock on the top secures your belongings with your fingerprint. You can add as many as 10 fingerprints to the trunk’s database, so family members can access the luggage too.

The Kabuto trunk’s highlight feature however is its magnetic mount which lets you attach an essentials-sleeve to it, or Kabuto’s new companion backpack. The essentials sleeve which comes as an optional add-on with the trunk lets you carry and easily access your laptop, passport, tickets, wallet, and other essentials with you. The sleeve snaps to the front of the trunk via a robust magnetic mount, and can easily be detached too while checking your trunk in. If you need something more substantial than a sleeve, Kabuto offers a backpack too that can either be worn on your person or snapped onto your trunk while traveling. Aside from the clever magnetic mount, the backpack has its own magnetic expansion system too, allowing you to increase its internal storage volume from 9L to 18L.

Combining smart with sensible design, the Kabuto trunk and backpack bring luggage well into the new decade. The magnetic fixture system is just an incredibly clever way of wheeling multiple bags around without struggling with handles, straps, or weights. Pair it with a biometric lock and you’ve got yourself luggage that’s just about as secure as your phone. The Kabuto trunk comes in a single design with two variants that let you choose what kind of built-in battery pack you want in your trunk. For regular users, a 30W – 10,000mAh internal battery works perfectly for smaller devices (with 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports). However, if you’re the kind who needs to bust out their laptop at the airport between flights and go into full workstation mode, a 60W – 20,000mAh internal battery gives you all the power you need (with 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports), letting you fully charge a 13″ MacBook up to 3 times. You can grab the Kabuto trunk + magnetically attached essentials sleeve below, or upgrade and add the Kabuto backpack to the mix!

Designer: Jerome Tricault of Kabuto

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Kabuto: Fingerprint-Locked Trunk + Expandable Backpack

The Kabuto is a Fidlock-enabled, biometrically-sealed trunk and expandable 2-in-1 briefcase and backpack.

Kabuto Trunk Features

Unlock the trunk with the touch of your figer. TSA-approved biometric sensor stores up to 10 fingerprints.

Crafted from the same polycarbonate used by Tumi and weighing a mere 4.7kg/10.4lbs.

The reinforced Makrolon shell is fabricated using the finest polycarbonate. If it ever falls short, they will make it right.

Retain your valuables with their proprietary snap-on pocket, or attach a Kabuto backpack for hassle-free navigation and hands-free meeting.

Their Fidlock system securely holds up to 10kg/22lbs.

Their packing cubes and suit sleeves provide protection for your finest couture.

Upright design enables access on the go and off of your knees.

The wheels feature meatal bearings and real tires for a tread that’s nearly silent.

The handle flushly retracts to avoid snagging and forms a flat work surface.

Kabuto Backpack Features

Crafted in the same factory as Montblanc, the backpack expands with a single touch.

Hidden magnets release as pressure builds incrementally expanding capacity from 9 to 18 liters for a tailored fit without a single zipper.

The backpack snaps to the trunk via a Fidlock mechanism.

Switch from briefcase to backpack with a simple turn and secret strap.

Tailored compartments provide designated spaces for essentials items, including passports, sunglasses and even hand sanitizer.

Click Here to Buy Now: $579 $899 (35% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!