Luxurious Lounge Chair + Pouf Set Will Add An Air Of Quiet Elegance To Your Living Room

A comfy, cozy, and cushy lounge chair can make a whole world of difference to your living space. Imagine settling into the comfiest lounge chair there is after an exceedingly long day of work, curling up with your favorite book, or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. It’s important to have comfortable yet functional seating designs scattered all over our home, and if they also manage to be aesthetically pleasing, well then it’s a match made in heaven. Add good ergonomics to the mix, and they could be able to provide a generous amount of support to our backs and butts. So, if you’re looking for some well-designed seating solutions that will also harmoniously complement the rest of the furniture in your home and interiors, then I may have found the perfect designs for you – the Prowling Lounge Chair and its accompanying Lurking Pouf.


Designed by Ukraine-based design studio FURN OBJECT, the Prowling Lounge Chair, and Lurking Pouf combine to create quite a lovely set of furniture pieces. Both pieces were designed with a sense of stability and sophistication and were accentuated with a solid character and loud yet calming presence. Both, the chair and the pouf, have a stylish and elegant minimalistic silhouette that is made up of interesting geometric shapes, and complex connections.

The Prowling Lounge Chair features three curved tubes which form the main frame of the chair. This main frame encloses and supports the large seat, and functions as the legs, back, and armrests of the chair. The various elements of the chair have been attached and connected extremely artfully and subtly, giving the impression that they’re barely touching one another. The entire lounge chair has been coated in a soft velvet fabric, which lends a lush and luxurious air to it.

The Lurking Pouf, on the other hand, has a rather adorable and compact form. It has a mushroom-like shape and seems to be upholstered in the same soft velvet fabric as the Prowling Lounge Chair. Both the furniture pieces perfectly complement one another, creating an enticing and thoughtfully-designed set that adds a sense of simple elegance and quiet beauty to any living space it is placed into.