Pet-friendly products to keep your pet comfortable + safe on your next holiday!

Our pets are our lifelines, and we hate being apart from them! At least I do for sure. But taking our pets on our travels with us can be a bit of an issue! Traveling is never easy for our pets. It makes them anxious, and stressed, and often results in them falling sick. Hence, we have to ensure their comfort at all times and make sure they’re being well taken care of. In such scenarios, having handy and effective pet products with us can be extremely helpful! Cozy pet carriers, portable food/water containers, and beds are all travel products that can make transits comfier and safer for our pets. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and functional pet products that are perfect for those troublesome travel journeys with your pets! These products promise to make your trips not only fun for you, but for your beloved pet as well.

Talk about purrfect design execution! The Catzz kitty-bed is inspired directly by its feline occupant. Designed to be flat-packed, the Catzz is an icosahedral shelter for cats that comes with multiple triangular panels that come together to form the enclosed shelter. The clever bit, however, is the fact that the Catzz bed actually looks like a minimalist cat head, complete with two pointy ears! Made from individual felt panels, the flat-packed bed can easily be assembled in minutes. When put together, it forms the perfect haven for your kitten, being a combination of robust and sturdy yet fuzzy and comfortable. The Catzz bed even comes with a dangling toy that you can suspend from the bed’s ear (for the cat to periodically play with), and when the bed does get dirty, it can easily be disassembled and machine-washed. It’s perfect to carry with you when you’re traveling with your pets!

The Air Cage was designed specifically to make travel journeys easier for pets and their owners so that everyone can enjoy an emotional turbulence-free flight! Air Cage was created to ensure your pet’s safety and ease your mind when you’re traveling with them. The concept was designed to be a rent-as-you-go service but it can also be opened to buying. You get your carrier in advance so your pet can familiarize themselves with it and have lesser anxiety during the flight. On the day of departure, your pet will be comfortable in the Air Cage which you can then hand over to the attendants without any worry because you will be able to monitor your pet throughout the journey thanks to an in-built device. Apart from the real-time camera monitor, the carrier has many features to keep your pet comfortable – a water bottle, a pet bowl, and a bowel pad too!

This clever animal carrier was designed to prepare you and your furry companion for disasters by equipping you with emergency kits that work for your needs and the needs of your emotional service pet. While we love and care for them as we do for our own children, there is not enough being done in terms of disaster preparedness for them. Evacuating with animals needs a lot of advanced preparation and most people are unprepared due to a lack of information or kits that are made for this specific situation. As emotional support/companion animals are increasingly becoming a new norm, we need a kit like Base which ensures their safety while doubling up as an everyday pet furniture item in the house. In the event of a disaster, you can rely on the built-in emergency kit by using Base as a carrier for your pet.

If you’ve ever traveled anywhere with your pets, you know how difficult it can be to cater to their needs while you’re on the go! Making sure they are comfy and don’t get anxious, feeding them their fav meal and water, and ensuring they have their little bathroom breaks – the list of issues is endless. However, Miray Özlem ER’s Portable Food and Water Container can help us out with any feeding issues we may encounter! Miray designed this handy pet product, especially for dogs. The container is large enough to store and provide at least one or two meals for dogs weighing between 1 to 40 kgs. Not only does the portable container store food, but it also stores water. The interesting part is that the container comes along with a food and water bowl! And the bowls can be attached onto the container. The food bowl can be neatly fitted on top of the food section, whereas the water bowl can be fitted on top of the water section. So whenever you want to feed your pet, you can place the little bowls, and fill them up with food and water from the container!

Sunghoon Park’s ‘Carrio’ is quite versatile and modular as well! At first glance, it may look like an ordinary pet carrier, but once you dwell deeper, it has a bit of a surprise in store for you. At home, Carrio can be used as a bed or a quaint resting spot for your pet, a personal area for your pet to laze around in after a long day of play. When it comes to functioning as a carrier, it provides two modules, owing to two types of straps that can be customized. It can be used as a carrier backpack, slip it onto your shoulders effortlessly and take your pet alongside you wherever you please. Put on the second pair of straps, and it can be used as a travel carrier bag! You can hold it horizontally like a duffle bag, apt for your larger furry friends.

Most people avoid using pet houses in their homes because it takes up too much space and they can’t tuck it away like they can with the pet beds. But Accordio is here to solve that dilemma, it is a portable, flexible, accordion-like pet house that can be expanded for your pet’s use or flat-packed away if you want to carry it places with you! Accordio’s form drew inspiration from the designer’s niece who had a silicone bowl plate. “I was intrigued by its flexibility and portability. After some research, I found that silicone also has a fascinating collapsible feature, which was later adapted into a foldable house,” explains Seong. The unique pet house is a study in portable pet furniture. The silicone makes it super lightweight and gives it a distinct collapsible feature. Silicone not only makes it easy to carry along for outdoor activities or travel but is also very easy to clean. Accordio can be compressed into 1/6th of its full size by pushing both sides. The fabric cushion included conveniently fits into the collapsed form for portability

Passakorn Kulkliang designed PAWSPAL in order to help better facilitate the typically difficult task of traveling with animal companions. The product has three main functions: a fully integrated, chargeable air ventilation system, a bottom deck used to roll the carrying cases, and the individual crate’s inbuilt stackability. If the user were to choose to roll their pets through the airport, just like the common rolling suitcase, then the case or cases can be placed atop the removable base for easy maneuvering throughout any space or building. In addition to the stackable feature and the wheeled base, users can opt out to carry the case as it is. Lastly, inside the crate, you won’t have to worry about your pet overheating because each case comes equipped with an operating air ventilation system that keeps your animal cool at all times. Each crate from PAWSPAL includes a charging hole for USB C cables so that keeping your pet cool is a given.

Hyesung Yung designed PRODOGT, a refrigerator, especially for pets! PRODOGT is a green and grey-colored quirky little appliance! It almost looks like a portable fan, and it does mimic its dynamics in a certain way (more on that later). The center section of the fridge which looks like a portable fan actually stores the food. You can gain access to this section, by opening the little door of the fridge and sliding your pet’s food into it. When it’s time for your pet’s meal, the food slides from the storage section to the little platter attached to the bottom of the fridge. The platter slides out when it’s dinner time for your furry friend! PRODOGT not only stores and cools pet food, but it also serves it quite efficiently! Another interesting feature of PRODOGT is its portability! Also, not to mention, it is wireless as well. It’s unlike the hefty or heavy fridges we use for ourselves. PRODOGT is a light, easy-to-carry and portable fridge that you can carry around whenever you travel!



For animal lovers, their pet can be their world and their pet’s comfort is quite often a top priority for them. One of the most stressful activities for animals is traveling due to the discomfort that it causes and the separation from their owner. The Aroma Pet Carrier aims to create a calmer environment through the introduction of clean, fresh air. A ventilation system allows purified, fresh air to be introduced into the carrier, instantly creating a more pleasant environment. This clean air is then infused with the fresh and calming scent that is peppermint; this aroma reduces the nauseating feeling that comes with motion sickness, something that pets are prone to getting. A second aroma also flows into the cabin, the scent of soil; this natural fragrance relaxes the animal and reduces tension.

The Terra Firma tailgates Bowlus Road Chief’s Endless Highways Performance Edition is complete with a 26-foot length body, reflective chrome exterior, in-floor heating system, and large lithium iron phosphate battery pack that allows for a week’s worth of off-grid traveling. On the inside, Terra Firma brings the elegance equal to that found in private jets and newer Tesla models equipped with plenty of high-tech features that meet the needs of even your furry travel companions. Whether you’d like to bring your cat or dog along for the trip, Terra Firma includes a built-in, personalized pet bed, along with pull-out food and water bowls. If your pup is ever too tired to join you at your side for a good hike, with Pet-Flex remote temperature monitoring, you can head up the mountain assured that sure your pets are safe and happy.