Say goodbye to travel anxiety with this innovative pet carrier!

We are all itching to travel again but we know that travel will be changed forever post this pandemic. The bright side is that we have the opportunity to change the way we have been doing things and make them better. While we are on the subject of making the transit easier and safer, let’s not forget that travel is not easy on our pets at all. They get stressed and confused which leads them to fall ill, and it leaves the owners in a constant state of concern which doesn’t make traveling a pleasant experience. The Air Cage was designed specifically to make the journey easier on the pets and their owners so that everyone can enjoy an emotional turbulence-free flight!

Air Cage was created to ensure your pet’s safety and ease your mind when you’re traveling with them. The concept was designed to be a rent-as-you-go service but it can also be opened to buying. You get your carrier in advance so your pet can familiarize themselves with it and have lesser anxiety during the flight. On the day of departure, your pet will be comfortable in the Air Cage which you can then handover to the attendants without any worry because you will be able to monitor your pet throughout the journey thanks to an in-built device. Apart from the real-time camera monitor, the carrier has many features to keep your pet comfortable – a water bottle, a pet bowl, and a bowel pad too!

The exterior of the carrier it a hard case designed for the maximum safety of your pet during rough flights. The development process took your pet’s behavior into account before landing on the shape, material, and size for the Air Cage. A handle was added so that you can move the carrier around easily if your pet weighs over 5 kgs. Make travel great again (for all humans and pets!).

Designer: Su Yeon Lee and Fountain Studio