This stackable pet carrying case keeps them cool using a technique inspired by space shuttles

Traveling with your pet can be tough. It gets even harder when you have more than one tagging along for the ride. Lugging your dog or cat around the airport in a briefcase-style carrying case can get tiring very quickly due to its weight and more inconvenient size. Fortunately, just like when the briefcase landed some hot new wheels and made rolling luggage the new norm, PAWSPAL makes transporting your pets and bringing them along for faraway trips much easier.

Passakorn Kulkliang designed PAWSPAL in order to help better facilitate the typically difficult task of traveling with animal companions. The product has three main functions: a fully-integrated, chargeable air ventilation system, a bottom deck used to roll the carrying cases, and the individual crate’s inbuilt stackability. If the user were to choose to roll their pets through the airport, just like the common rolling suitcase, then the case or cases can be placed atop the removable base for easy maneuvering throughout any space or building. In addition to the stackable feature and the wheeled base, users can opt-out to carry the case as it is. Lastly, inside the crate, you won’t have to worry about your pet overheating because each case comes equipped with an operating air ventilation system that keeps your animal cool at all times. Each crate from PAWSPAL includes a charging hole for USB C cables so that keeping your pet cool is a given. Your pup or kitten can also enjoy plenty of air circulation and privacy thanks to the air slots that are large enough to maintain healthy airflow, but slim enough to keep prying eyes away from bothering your pet.

PAWSPAL, designed by Passakorn Kulkliang, reinterprets carrying cases for pets by taking inspiration from the classic space shuttle. Similar to the space aircraft, the main crates are fully detachable and can be carried alone, just as the main shuttle detaches from rockets. The wheels, like rockets, keep the main body moving, each part of the design can stack on top of one another as a payload bay rest atop rockets, and it’s designed to make an otherwise inherently confining product feel a lot more spacious. With PAWSPAL, strategizing ways to bring your pet along for the trip will no longer feel like rocket science, or it just might.

Designer: Passakorn Kulklian