Doubling as a backpack, travel carrier and a bed, this is no ordinary pet carrier bag!

Transporting your beloved pet from one location to another can be a handful! Of course, that’s where pet carriers come into the picture. However, not all pet carriers are the most comfortable nor the most efficient medium of transportation. Some can be difficult to carry, whereas others aren’t comfy enough for our pets to snuggle into. Sunghoon Park’s ‘Carrio’ on the other hand is quite versatile and modular as well! At first glance, it may look like an ordinary pet carrier, but once you dwell deeper, it has a bit of a surprise in store for you. At home, Carrio can be used as a bed or a quaint resting spot for your pet, a personal area for your pet to laze around in after a long day of play. When it comes to functioning as a carrier, it provides two modules, owing to two types of straps that can be customized. It can be used as a carrier backpack, slip it onto your shoulders effortlessly and take your pet alongside you wherever you please. Put on the second pair of straps, and it can be used as a travel carrier bag! You can hold it horizontally like a duffle bag, apt for your larger furry friends. Since the carrier also functions as the bed the pets rest in at home, it’s something they grow accustomed to. It begins to feel familiar to them, relieving their stress, and heading out of the house doesn’t seem like an ordeal anymore!

Available in a variety of fun colors from blue to beige, Carrio is a multifunctional and trendy alternative to your usual pet carrier bag. As the owner of two perfect Persian cats myself, this is probably one of the handiest creations I’ve come across!

Designer: Sunghoon Park