This portable pet refrigerator not only stores their food, but serves it to them as well!

If you have a pet, then you probably already know, that they are hungry almost ALL the time. No matter how much you feed them, they’ll come to you with little puppy eyes (quite literally in the case of doggos), pleading you for some treats! And most of the time…more like all the time, you’ll give in! As tricky as those situations can get, storing their food correctly is another matter altogether. When stored outside, it can often get stale, and that isn’t the best for your pet’s tummy. And our own personal refrigerators are overflowing with our leftovers, where’s the space for storing pet food? Hence, Hyesung Yung designed PRODOGT, a refrigerator, especially for pets! How cool is that? But this innovative fridge not only stores your pet’s food, but it also serves it!

PRODOGT is a green and grey-colored quirky little appliance! It almost looks like a portable fan, and it does mimic its dynamics in a certain way (more on that later). The center section of the fridge which looks like a portable fan actually stores the food. You can gain access to this section, by opening the little door of the fridge and sliding your pet’s food into it. When it’s time for your pet’s meal, the food slides from the storage section to the little platter attached to the bottom of the fridge. The platter slides out when it’s dinner time for your furry friend! Quite handy, no? PRODOGT not only stores and cools pet food, but it also serves it quite efficiently! All these features can be operated and handled via the menu panel. The panel is extremely user-centric and friendly, helping you easily control how much food your pet gets, and when he/she gets it. Now going back to the resemblance in the functionality of this fridge and a portable fan! The main storage section rotates exactly like the blades of a fan. This mixes and rotates all the food items evenly and periodically so that the perishable and older feed do not decay. The fridge also maintains an optimum and safe temperature, which retains moisture and ensures the food stays fresh.

Another interesting feature of PRODOGT is its portability! Also, not to mention, it is wireless as well. It’s unlike the hefty or heavy fridges we use for ourselves. PRODOGT is a light, easy-to-carry and portable fridge that you can carry around whenever you travel! You always have fresh food for your pet with PRODOGT by your side. This unique appliance for pets provides a smart solution to all our pet food problems. It functions as a storage unit, and as a nifty little waiter for your pets! I’m definitely getting one for my cats.

Designer: Hyesung Yun