This tiny self-watering self-lighting planter lets you effortlessly grow a garden in your home

While some appreciate getting down and dirty with soil, seeds, and fertilizers, gardening isn’t for everyone. The Nano Garden takes the fuss out of gardening, allowing anyone and everyone to grow their own plants right inside their home!

I like thinking of gardening as cooking… a complex, rewarding activity that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. With that analogy, I think of the Nano Garden as instant ramen – fulfilling, yet easy enough for anyone to manage! The Nano Garden is a tiny planter that comes with everything you need to grow plants at home. Its planter base holds water, a gardening pod contains seeds along with all the nutrients required to make them grow, and finally, a height-adjustable full-spectrum light automatically switches on and off to mimic the sun, giving the plants the light they need to photosynthesize!

The Nano Garden features a two-part planter that waters and aerates itself thanks to its clever design. The pot itself holds water, while the floater inside houses the plant-pod – an all-in-one compostable pod that contains seeds and nutrients suspended within a growth medium. The pod floats on water, taking in as much as the plants need… and as the water level depletes, the floating pod descends downwards into the planter. This allows you to visually gauge how much water there is within your Nano Garden’s reservoir, allowing you to easily fill it up. A full water reservoir lasts anywhere from 2 weeks to a month (depending on the plant you grow), and the plant technically waters itself – so you never need to worry about over or under-watering your plants. The planter is accompanied by a neat light that sits on a telescopic arm that you can height-adjust as your plant grows. The full-spectrum light is fine-tuned to mimic the rays of the sun, and it automatically switches on and off as the sun rises and sets. Each Nano Garden even comes with an app that lets you connect your smartphone to the planter via Bluetooth and allows it to automatically adjust its light intensity and duration based on the plant.

The Nano Garden offers a range of 50 plants to choose from – spanning flowers, decorative greens, and even herbs and leafy vegetables. The magic lies in its plant-pod, a bio-plastic pod that houses the seeds in a nutrient-dense growth medium. The pods are GMO and pesticide-free, and are guaranteed to sprout – creators of the Nano Garden, Prêt à Pousser, even offer replacement pods if they don’t grow. The pods automatically draw water from the reservoir below, and the Nano Garden’s design even promotes air-flow through the roots, keeping them well oxygenated. Along with choosing your plant pod, you even get to choose the color of your planter – ranging from the classic earthy terracotta to a host of pastel hues that add a touch of vibrance to your home. The fact that they don’t need direct sunlight means you can place your Nano Garden anywhere, and the lack of drainage holes at the base means you can easily keep them on tables, bookshelves, or even your kitchen counter! After all, all you need to really do is add water every 2-4 weeks and watch your home garden flourish on its own!

Designer: Alain Berteau

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off).

Nano Garden – From Seed to Plant in a Tiny Smart Garden

The Nano Garden is the easiest and most stylish way to grow plants at home. Plug it, choose your plant pod (over 50 available) and add water.

How it Works

It starts with a pod that contains everything.

Simply insert the pod into the floater.

The plant floats on water and you have to top it up every 2 to 4 weeks.

Height adjustable light allows you to follow the growth of your plant.

The app enables you to select your plant for specific settings like intensity and duration.

Grow 50+ Plants on your Desk

Versatile & Minimalistic Design

Remove the light rod and stick it in any plant.

Color Options

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off).